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September 18, 2019


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Couldn't agree more re Kikta, Haglund! My husband asked if she was 6'6". She was utterly captivating.

Oooooo Gurl! ‘Sagging Triceps’!?! I saw Jewels last night. Just sayin’.

I was there, too, GS. Bouder in Emeralds was a huge misfire -- again. Not only were her arms an unpleasant shape, short in length, wide in width, flapping triceps -- all of which made the performance look like a caricature of the Emeralds ballerina -- but she finally split the seam on her costume. Her hyperactive eyebrows didn't distract attention from any of that.

Bouder can still do allegro roles that do not require any grace or charm, but when it comes to Emeralds or any kind of role that requires beautiful port de bras -- GS, catch your breath -- Time's Up for Ashley.

H, Oh Lord, did she really split a seam??? When I read the Emeralds casting I was like “This gotta be a misprint!” What was she doing in that role??? All I could think of is that she ‘asked’ to perform it. And yeah, there was some wacky fly-swatting port de bras happenin’ on that stage last night. But what did you think of the rest of the evening? Im not a big Fairchild fan, but I thought she was terrific last night. Or maybe I was just relieved the ‘green ballet’ was over.......

Yes, GS, she really busted out a seam.

I thought the rest of the evening was superb! Fairchild, Garcia, and Nadon just killed it in Rubies.

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