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October 08, 2019


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Thanks for your thoughtful review. I got to see Union Jack as well and loved the pageantry. Are you heading to Philadelphia for Don Q? Maryinsky is doing the full length Paquita this week at the Kennedy Centery. Another Spanish setting but not as satisfying as Don Quixote! It was interesting to see the full length Paquita once but it underscores why most companies only present the third act divertissements.

Hi, Jennifer.

I'm working on my schedule to fit in PA Ballet's Don Q. Fingers crossed.

It does sound like the Maryinsky's Paquita may be a little lightweight. I'm still enthralled with the video version of Paris Opera Ballet's Paquita by Pierre Lacotte. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2N9YpsHfOA )

Haglund, you are wise to stay closer to home and see PAQUITA via DVD in the way-way-preferable POB Lacotte version. What a boring, overly-busy doggie the Mariinsky has brought to DC! They've "punked" us (other than the always-lovely Grand Pas in Act III). No, DC doesn't just fall for colorful costumes and tacky sets in day-glow colors.

LOL, Jeannette, at your stinging rebuke. Maybe the Mariinsky should have fielded this Paquita to the L.A. crowd and brought something more substantive to DC instead of vice versa.

HEY!!! The LA crowd is perfectly happy with Mariinsky's Bayedere and Jewels this month. We've been getting fantastic productions here in SoCal recently (Royal's Mayerling in July). It's nice to see the East Coast get some of the sloppy seconds we've been so used to for the last few decades!

LOL, Leo, I know gloating when I hear it. But it's true, you've paid for the honor of having Bayadere, Jewels, and Mayerling by enduring a lot in previous years.

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