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October 11, 2019


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Really? Not recommended? Oh, I've loved the few Forsythe works I've seen ... What to do? I am quite the amateur enthusiast when it comes to dance, except when it comes of Balanchine, for whom I am all in. But I was thinking of taking a plunge on this program.

Do it, Kenneth B!

Be sure to make time to wander around the whole facility -- outside, too!

I just got back from DC and two of Mariinsky's Pacquitas. Beautiful costumes and dancers but the lack of music flow and bad choreography made me wish I had just gone to a few more of Pennsylvania Ballet's Don Qs

Oh, and the house was half empty for both shows.

Oh dear...

Not on Saturday night and Sunday matinee, they weren't. K Ctr quite full.

Great news that we'll see Kimin Kim next year; his Solor is stupendous. Now, how about Konstantin Sverev too? (ABT can use more tall men.)

Golden Idol, ABT has two extraordinary tall men who McKenzie has shoved to the backburner. Both Hoven and Forster would be outstanding as Solor, and each possesses the required technique and especially the partnering strength & skill to pull off WOW! performances. The only reason that these two are not popular stars at ABT is that Moron McKenzie has not allowed them to be. There is no other reason. He has got to go. The company has lost three weeks of their Met Season and are failing in attendance for their Koch season due in part to their prices and fraudulent fees. Not only are they tacking on a fraudulent costume fee, but they are charging everyone $20/per ticket for an exchange which goes directly to ABT, not the theater. The Koch Theater Box Office seems tired of apologizing for ABT's gouging of the public. They should just kick them out, too.

Hagland, your anger toward and scorn for KM are well-known and he deserves them. Matters of technical prowess aside, I can picture Forster as Solor but Hoven? I'm not convinced. Blaine is a very good dancer, and over the past year he has surprised me, but I don't see the temperment, the personality, there to put over a romantic lead role. I have even seen him look bored on stage. (Well, maybe after a slew of Giselle peasant pas de trois and Swan Lake Neapolitans, he has a right to be.) I've never entirely agreed with you on the matter of importing guest artists. It was overdone, yes, and as such was insensitive to company members, but a couple per Met season is okay with me. Did you resent seeing Brooklyn Mack in Corsaire this year? Just a FEW guest artists does no harm and offers variety to the season. As for your other objections, I couldn't agree more but don't hold your breath for any change until KM is history--and let it be soon.

Yes, Golden Idol, I definitely objected to Brooklyn Mack being brought in. He's a fine dancer but not any greater than either Forster or Hoven and far less scrupulous in technique. He was brought in for only one reason, and that reason was his race.

But Kim IS a better dancer than Forster or Hoven... at least as Solor.
I understand that you are rooting for the home team but one or two high quality guest appearance shouldn't hurt. All AD has to do is stop casting Whiteside and Stearns as Solor. Then they will have room for Kim, Cornejo plus Ahn, Forster etc. (Bell is far too young for this role)
I personally want to see Sarafanov's Solor again but I know that's not gonna happen...(although there's another dancer in the same theater who might guest with ABT very soon)

Tulle, McKenzie is not going to stop casting Whiteside or Stearns any more than he's going to stop casting Boylston or Copeland. He's well aware that people don't want to watch them. He's well aware of the public's aversion to Whiteside. So he will cast Kim with Boylston and then Whiteside with one of the public's favorite ballerinas with the idea that it will force people to watch Boylston and Whiteside. Times Up for that crap, too. What is the sound of no hands clapping?

Gawd I hope Kim isn't paired with Boylston but it might actually happen. They are physically and stylistically a mismatch. How about Shevchenko who actually has that old Soviet ballerina glamour, plus Brandt or Murphy as Gamzatti- someone with good foundation and acting chops. It's a great mystery why they even gave Boylston this role.

I just saw the Mariinsky La Bayadere here in Orange County, CA with Kimin Kim and Alina Somova in the title rolls. She was magnificent, her back and arms are amazing. As for Kim, he partnered beautifully and I felt his speed, extensions, elevations and control channeled Nureyev (and yes, I saw him many times back in the 60's) The roll calls for flash and he provided it. I was quite impressed. next week we get Jewels up in LA, same company

Good to hear. Jewels should be spectacular. I hope they score on all three parts. Sometimes Rubies can be a challenge for the Russians. However, Diana Vishneva killed the pdd when guesting with POB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51JELveLPkg

I was in the front row for Maria Khoreva and Vladimir Shklyarov on opening night. Khoreva was very precise and controlled, but she needs more experience to really project emotion. Considering her age, she's poised to take the mantel from Tereshkina, if she stays healthy and humble enough to learn. There were two terrible wobbles in the corps during the Shades but the march in was near perfect. ABT should study the video. Third row on Sunday for Jewels.

Leo, you're killing me -- the front freaking row?!

I hope attendance has been good. Have a wonderful time on Sunday. They will astonish in Diamonds.

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