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October 15, 2019


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If only Houston Ballet had brought Mayerling!

Wouldn't that have been the dance event of the season!

Having seen Houston Ballet in Houston quite a few times, I am taking in their program at CC despite the odd program, although the Morris is a definite draw and I suppose we really got tickets for that. HB is a marvelous company and I plan to be in Texas in 2020 for their "Sleeping Beauty." ABT at the Koch, I am afraid, we must miss, since we are not able to attend on the night of the Cornejo festivities. (This is not the royal we, I hasten to write.) Their other offerings do not attract. Friends in Houston who saw the company's "Giselle" last month were gobsmacked.

Something makes me think that NYCC prez and former Joffrey dancer Arlene Shuler may have been in the room when the rep for this tour was discussed. It's very non-traditional and Joffrey-flavored.

HB has brilliant dancers and 1st rate classical productions. Their Giselle would have filled NYCC to the rafters with true balletomanes.

Mixed bills are cheaper to tour. A big traditional ballet, with sets and costumes, requires more union staff (stage hands, costume people, Corps de ballet).

True, but bringing the cheaper stuff to New York or DC while leaving the best stuff at home isn't usually a good idea, right?

Hi Haglund: I just noticed on Instagram that ABT is now engaged in a partnership with LG Signature, a company that manufactures washing machines, refrigerators, and many other things: https://www.lg.com/global/lg-signature/brand. Seems strange to me. Curious as to what you might think... Thanks!

What do I think?

Money is money. ABT would partner with Trump Resorts if they could get money from it.

ABT is not a luxury brand the way NYCB is. Thus, it makes no sense to try to forge partnerships with luxury sponsors. NYCB partners with Lexus, Puma, Chanel and so forth. ABT's new deal with a kitchen appliance maker seems exactly right. Let's see how well they leverage it in the market.

Just read this review in NY Times from the gala performance,I understand your issues in the past with their reviews, but based on this I am glad I got my NYCB fix with my funds first. The photo for the article doesn't shine a good light on the costuming either and I might be wrong but they look cheap, and I am surprised since they are supposed to have been designed by an iconic designer. I guess everyone has their hits and misses, best to safe my dollars for quality work. <https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/17/arts/dance/american-ballet-theater-review.html>

…and speaking of the Houston Ballet- holy cow. Where have I been? I caught the rehearsals last Thursday afternoon (not the performance) and they looked fabulous. Rehearsals can be quite revealing especially with that program. Dancers (men especially) were first-rate and am now a fan of Charles-Louis Yoshiyama.

Yep, Charles-Louis Yoshiyama is a stunner.

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