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October 24, 2019


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I may be missing something but it seems the season is as long as usual from 11 May - 4 July.

Some casting announcements about opening couples, and Whiteside's pairing with Stella for her farewell Giselle as well as some Osipova/Hallberg R&Js and Giselle's in there as well.

Hee and Isabella, not to mention James, are first casts throughout the season as well, but nice to see Aran Bell getting the first cast of Swan Lake with Hee.

Looking forward to the (admittedly guest heavy) Bayadere with Smirnova, Kim, and Murphy to honor the 40th Anniversary of the Markarova production.

But always subject to change, as you note, H.

Rachel, the shortened season begins with the 2020-21 season. This is the last 8 week spring season at the Met.

Makarova controls the casting of her La Bayadere. There is obviously a downside to that because she values the guest artists over ABT's homegrown dancers, but the upside is that we never had to look at the fakerina as Nikiya.

All I see is a Sarah Snub once again 😞 she was the best Manon and I honestly thought it was going to be her breakout moment for better things to come. I may be in minority by saying this but I prefer a dancer who can exude emotion more than tricks. Great technique is important but if a dancer doesn’t have any expression or connection to the character then they do nothing for me. Sarah has it all yet she keeps being sidelined/housed!! I do wonder why?

On the whole a depressing upcoming Met season. Exhibit A: JANE EYRE returns. The upside is that I’ll be saving lots of money in 2020.

I’m wondering if all of the hoopla for Makarova and the 40th Anniv of the production might mean that the fabulous Ratmansky BAYADERE from Berlin may be taking over in 2021? Will we finally be seeing an elephant crossing the stage in the betrothal scene?

Oh, Haglund, how depressing is much of ABT's announcement! Pairing Cornejo is what must be close to his valedictory season with Misty for Swan Lake is outrageously unjust--unless he asked for her, in which case, I am at a loss for words. ¶We did see MC as Gamzatti some years ago. All I recall is her entrance and not a moment of her dancing. As you write, at least we are spared her Nikiya. ¶Perhaps ABT is dying. Protracted deaths are not uncommon. They are hard on the organism that is dying but also hard for those who love what is slowly perishing.

Eulalia, we don't know why the worst that ABT has to offer is paired with Cornejo in Swan Lake continually. It's possible that there is a commercial side to his agreement to dance with her so much. Of course people are paid to say nice things about her on TV, in articles, and presumably within ABT. Maybe people are paid not to say bad things, too. Who knows?

Jeannette, I think the hoopla for Makarova and the 40th anniversary of her La Bayadere is being made because it's possible that she may not be around for the 50th anniversary. I expect that Makarova's production will stay at ABT as long as McKenzie stays.

I'm sure that Ratmansky's Bayadere is fabulous, but I really need a rest from his nonstop chattering style of choreography. It unduly dominates ABT at the moment. However, my real fear is that if he left, McKenzie would bring on more Lang, Barton, Tanowitz and other ballet-illiterates to make waste for ABT.

Well, well. Like Jeannette, ABT is saving me a ton of money next year. I don't know how much I normally spend every year on tickets, but it sure adds up to four figures. Thanks ABT for taking good care of my bank account.

Seriously though, disappointing casting is a major understatement. This is outrageous. I'm convinced Mckenzie hates art. I'm honestly about to give up on ABT. Certainly no more donations for them. I'm done giving them money just like that. Not that they care. I might attend Lane's shows but that's about it. And that's how many? Three shows? Yeah, big money saver for me.

I believe you are mischaracterizing what's happening in 2021. The Met decided to extend into May (and kill a few weeks in February, I believe) because they need the higher attendance they expect May to bring. That left only 5 weeks for ABT. (The Met does not depend on ABT's sales, as it receives a rental fee from the company.) In addition, ABT will be doing two weeks at the David Koch Theater immediately preceding its shortened Met season. That will yield a 7-week season, although there will certainly be both programming and subscription challenges to deal with.

gillian as myrta for stella's farewell...my heart is full...

Thanks, Haglund, for that clarification!

I might have to see three Giselles, though? Might be the only week I spend substantial time at the Opera House. Am I crazy or do I see two Albrechts cast opposite Christine's debut in Giselle?

Happy to see Cate Hurlin get a shot as Myrta AND as Aurora. And with her presumed opening night performance of the new Ratmansky, this should be a big season for her.

Skylar as Aurora too (though sadly not as Giselle)........ but of course they haven't bothered finding a partner for her yet.

I wish the ABT site were better and I could see these casts* (*subject to change) all in one place instead of having to pour through the dancers' individual pages.

Solor, where did you get your information about ABT doing 2 weeks at the Koch just prior to their 5 week season at the Met or are you simply speculating? That appears to suggest that ABT could cut into NYCB's season which already has been cut from the month of June. ABT is looking more and more like the homeless company going from shelter to shelter.

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