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October 04, 2019


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I recognize that this is a forced contribution, but there's no reason you cannot deduct the $2.50 from your taxes. The website of the David Koch Theater breaks out the $2.50 as going toward the ABT Costume Fund. (I don't know about the ticket itself.) In any case, cash contributions of less than $250 do not require documentation from the company. (If you've bought more than 100 tickets (>$250 in contributions) you will need a letter, as well as another form of distraction.)

It appears ABT is giving Sarah Lane the Veronika Part treatment. Casting her in as few performances as possible, shutting her out of Cornejo’s Anniversary Evening, leaving her out of the Giselle tour in April, and shoving her in matinee shows of Nut. Infuriating..

Are we surprised by McKenzie's treatment of Sarah? No. Even if Daniil and Herman were available for the Giselle tour, McKenzie would insert the fakerina, not Sarah. Are we surprised that McKenzie plopped the whining blobberina in as Terpsichore with Herman instead of Sarah? No. Are we surprised that the Balanchine stager is allowing it? Damnbetcha, we are. It really diminishes our respect for the Balanchine trust when they let the likes of Copeland trundle through Tschai PdD and Apollo. Dear lord, it's literally like shitting on Balanchine.

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