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November 28, 2019


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I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Hagland! May all the Nutcracker performances go smoothly, and with no injuries! Merde, dancers!

The NYCB Nutcracker can stick it. They are beyond price gouging at this point. Just a couple of years ago they used to be able to get pretty good seats for $35-40. Now the tickets were starting at $90 and up even when first available. Then they go up as the dates get closer. Tons of upper 4th ring empty seats for $110. They have the nerve to sell the inner first ring which tourists get burned each year not realizing they are almost completely blocked by the inner seats. Welcome to NY !

Yes, I agree that it's beyond price gouging. They are certainly running the risk of alienating the core audience in exchange for picking up a few casual ticketbuyers who are looking for a Christmas show -- not necessarily a ballet.

The casual buyers have choices. Tickets to NYCB's Thursday night performance run from $65-110 in the 4th ring to a top price of $300 in the orchestra. On that same night at about the same time, a family could go to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular with all those Rockettes and a few ballet dancers for $69-$199. There are plenty of good $89/99 seats available.

The Cirque du Soleil seasonal holiday show will be at the Hulu Theater at MSG in a week or so. Tickets start at $46.

NYCB's ticket prices for Nutcracker are white-privileged prices. Not meaning to fan a new controversy, but you know...

I don't begrudge the Nutcracker for taking his frustrations out on a millennial handler that would probably not blink at paying $300 to see Ariana Grande from the mezzanine, but couldn't name a single ballet, even if she was holding a gigantic balloon from the the most famous one!

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