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December 27, 2019


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Bouder or Peck as SPF? Tickets have shown up on TDF for the upcoming Friday and Saturday (eve.) performances? What say you?

Peck. Period.

Also... Daniel Ulbricht is dancing Candy Cane on Sat evening, there’s none better. And... Waltz of the Flowers has Lauren King as Dewdrop plus Nadon + Phelan as lead flowers, in addition to Tiler as SPF. I saw Tiler on her return on Wed the 18th. While she’s dancing a little more conservatively than we are used (have gotten spoiled) to seeing due to her injury recovery, her musicality and timing remains spot on as always. Re: TDF, I got really lucky with this past Sunday.. I picked up my ticket and was shocked to get Orch side Row F! I have never sat so close for Nutcracker. I couldn’t take my eyes off the details on the costumes and the growing tree is so much bigger than it looks from my normal Fifth Ring partial view seats LOL. I came home and read all about how Balanchine was obsessed with the tree and how it lives year-round stored in the theater while other props go to a storehouse elsewhere. Thanks TDF!

Thanks, TDF, indeed! We went to the Saturday show — Row E in Orchestra on the side. Fabulous seats! For starters I thought the performance was superb musically. The orchestra sounded so gorgeous. And then: I found Peck absolutely thrilling. But the real revelation for me was Lauren King as Dewdrop. What a stunning dancer, just the kind I like best: complete technical assurance wed to sovereign artistry and deep musicality plus what I like to call "snap" ... King was just stunning. There were many other highlights, which I'm too tired to detail at the moment.

Yes, indeed, Lauren King was stunning. She has become one of those "beautiful everything" dancers. Would love to see her in Allegro Brillante in a few weeks. Fingers crossed.

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