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January 23, 2020


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I attended the Friday evening performance and also loved La Source. The soloist in this cast impressed: Baily Jones. I was not familiar with her previously.

Will you make it to City Center for Mathew Bourne's Swan Lake? I saw it in DC earlier this week and LOVED it. It was thrilling to see an ensemble dance to what is usually the Black swan pas de deux coda (fouette music). Stretches your mind and imagination a bit to see an unexpected choice work so well in the context.

Hi, Jennifer.

I'm going to miss Bourne's Swan Lake at City Center. I saw it many years ago so am familiar with its concepts.

Unfortunately I have to say that I wasn't impressed by the soloist in La Source. It may be because I saw tiny Emma Von Enck knock it out of the park a couple of days prior. I think we have a situation here where Wendy is pushing Baily because she has a physical resemblance to Janie Taylor. Both Janie's and Wendy's time on the NYCB stage is over. Management should stop trying to bring back what they think is the magic of former performers/friends/colleagues. There are unique and brilliant dancers in the corps who have individual voices who should be seen for what they can offer, not for who they resemble. Bailey had clean feet and lovely narrow limbs on Friday night but I didn't think that her dancing was very impactful.

Checking ticket availability for NYCB I see that they've closed both 3rd and 4th rings - but still there are hundreds of available tickets.

It's a good idea to secure the new audience before you alienate the old one.

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