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January 27, 2020


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I loved your review about Erica and Harrison. I also agree that It has been way to long Erica Pereira should be promoted. I have followed her since she did the SAB workshop. I knew then that she was a special and truly gifted young ballerina . The non promotion to principal is baffling to me. From Romeo and Juliet to Coppellia what ever they ask of Erica she always delivers!!!!!. I read she learned Raymonda in less than 8 hours. I believe she had to replace Bouder who got injured during a rehearsal. Erica looked fantastic along with Da Luz. She is also in my opinion one of the most technically correct Balanchine dancers NYCB has. In closing it baffles me that the critics at The NY Times always have such criticism of this wonderful and talented gift to NYCB. A PROMOTION IS WELL OVER DUE!!!!!!

Clogged at the top by Abi Stafford who hasn't done anything of note in years and doesn't perform most of the roles she's cast in....and by Kowroski who can still give us marvelous work but not consistently anymore. I would like to see Bouder and Mearns in less roles as well and start toward retirement. It's becoming musty up at the principal level.

Greetings, Haglund--Gerrity was so assured Sunday afternoon in the SVC that it was hard to believe it was a debut. Stanley and Gordon were absolutely smashing in it, and Kurt Nikkanen did a super job as the violin soloist. What an exhilarating ballet and score! ¶Stravinsky's music for "Movements for Piano and Orchestra" earlier in the program date from his serial period and made me think that there is nothing more old fashioned than yesterday's most avant avant-garde.

Roman's interpretation of Allegro Brilliante felt a bit too much Basilio from DonQ. Not my favorite approach for the role, but you can't deny the wow factor.

I would love to see his Oberon.

True, Yukionna. Actually, I would love to see his Basilio.

Not only clogged at the top, but it feels like both the former interim team and the new AD are determined to change directions away from anything Martins - which means moving away from the dancers that were in motion by Martins - which is a mistake IMHO. Not just King and Pereira but a few generations below. Yes, we see Woodward, Phelen in most things, as well, but how about the stagnation of Bologna and Laine Habony? Habony is not a corps dancer and is being wasted in the corps. And to skip Mejia or Farley for the Levin award for Bailey Jones was, well, disturbing.

I wouldn't say that the artistic management is moving away from King or Pereira or anyone else. Nor would I say that either Bologna or Habony were on track for advancement. Unfortunately, but actually fortunately, NYCB's corps is loaded with so much talent that not everyone can rise above the corps level. Wonderfully capable dancers such as Lydia Wellington and Faye Arthurs were often featured but remained in the corps during their entire NYCB careers.

I agree with all the eyebrow-raising in response to this year's Janice Levin Award. But don't feel sorry for Mejia -- he picked up the year's Princess Grace statue which is a little more recognizable around the dance globe. Farley has been out a lot with injury, and we're just now beginning to see him in significant roles.

Great point about Mejia - I had forgotten about that award. And yes, incomparable.

As for Habony, I disagree on her trajectory based on media usage of her, the featured roles, the corps roles and understudy work during Martin's tenure. Not that she isnt on stage every night in the corps, still. From IG, we know she had been rehearsing Sugar Plum during Martin's last year and once he was out, things changed. Its obvious she is capable of much more and had an amazing start as a young dancer (SAB full merit, YAGP winner, SAB favorite). I have spent many summer at The Chautauqua Institute with Patti McBride and John-Pierre Bonnefoux. Habony spent two summers there as one of their favorites, performing with the Charlotte Ballet, performing Russian Girl in Serenade and the lead in Donizetti Variations as a teenager. There is still a true ballerina buried in there.

Regardless, I agree with you on your opinions - there is some talent in the younger dancers . But even with a full roster, I hate to see management looking past a wealth of amazing, mature soloist and corps dancers while pushing those babies.

Keep up the great reviews!

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