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January 30, 2020


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My wife and I were at tonight's premiere. Wish I had taken extra fiber capsules....

H, I saw the Wed night program and could not agree more that Mr La Cour’s performance was wonderful. And I thought Ms Reichlen did a lovely job infusing a difficult role with life. Especially in her final variation. Bravi. But can we take a moment with the balance of the program and just say, Roman Meija!!! Thats all.

Haglund, is the Giselle-mobile heading to the swamp? We are going down to see skylar’s debut, and only wish we could have gone to see Sarah and Daniil as well, but we will catch them at the Met.

Yep, wouldn't miss it for the world. The Gisellemobile is gassed and ready. Even sprung for a new gas cap because that rag was so unsightly.

I can't make it to DC that weekend, so I am greatly looking forward to your review of Skylar's Giselle, Haglund!

Oh to miss Skylar's debut with HERMAN! I just saw on Copeland's instagram that she is out tonight due to injury. Would that I could turn back time and have been in DC today for both the matinee and evening performance!

I can't imagine what Copeland's injury might be that would prevent her from faking the steps in Giselle. Her statement that she intentionally waited until the last minute to pull out shows extremely poor management by McKenzie--actually, a lack of management -- a willingness to let the animals run the zoo, so to speak. But I'm happy for Skylar. Can't wait to see her on Sunday with Ahn who I think could have a huge debut himself.

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