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January 08, 2020


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No Lauren King?

Hi, Ken. Several prominent soloists are missing from the first week. I think we can assume that they are preparing their reps for the coming weeks.

I was hoping for Kyrsanova but am still excited about this one. And I can relate on Jeopardy; these guys are machines.

I even missed the ballet clue last night on Jeopardy. The answer/question was What is Medea? in response to the clue A pas de deux based on music by Samuel Barber premiered in 1975 with Baryshnikov as Jason and Carla Fracci as her. It was a Daily Double and Brad Rutter answered it without hesitation. These guys...

Haha, saw an interview with Brad and Ken the other day where Brad named ballet as his weak category. Didn't know it either.

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