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January 19, 2020


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I purchased a ticket at the last minute for this production and I'm glad I did.

The almost 50 Swan strong corps was truly beautiful. All the corps were in sync, gracefully composed and unwavering.

I saw Kochetkova in the lead. She wasn't the greatest but she gets the job done. And in this day, that seems to be the norm rather than the not. Still, I would have rather seen an up and comer from Shanghai's ranks than a guest star.

Finances stopped me from attending this performance, Haglund, and after reading your report, I am (almost) glad that I didn't go. The endless taking of photos and video recording performances is beyond distracting and selfish, to both the audience and the performers. Even yesterday, at the Bolshoi transmission of "Giselle," some idiot in the front row of the movie theater thought that it was all right to whip out her phone and start videotaping the entire ballet. It took more than three minutes of various audience members entreaties, screams and calls for security to throw her out, before she finally put her camera away.

Unbelievable! Someone should have poured a Pepsi over her head!

This is right from the horse's mouth, Haglund ---- i.e. from someone who works as an usher at NY State Theater. For whatever reason, they were personally told by House Management to NOT try and stop the audience from taking pictures, or from filming, during these performances. Whether this will also hold for all performances at the Theater, I do not know. I guess the enjoyment of rest of the audience doesn't matter. This is kind of awful news.

Just my guess: Given that the house made the customary announcement in both Chinese and English due to the large number of Chinese in the audience, and given that probably not many of the ushers speak Chinese, it's possible that the house management thought there might be an international incident if the ushers tried to stop the Chinese patrons from doing what they thought was okay to do. The ushers are still swooping in on cameras at NYCB, though.

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