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February 16, 2020


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I thought she was breathtaking, and am so looking forward to your review. Her control of her body in balances and poses in Act II..... I can't even begin. I thought Joo Wan made a great debut of Albrecht. I was a little disappointed in the audience throughout the ballet who kept clapping prematurely after the third hop on point or 3rd entre six. Perhaps they hadn't seen the ballet before but it seemed they didn't know what was coming, and boy did he kill those jumps! Cate Hurlin is a great Myrta. She made me see pieces of the music that I don't think I've noticed before, particularly a moment when Albrecht pleads with her and she just turns her head away because she cannot bear to look at him. Was a bit disappointed in the peasant pas, but I think this may have been Tyler's debut or early performances and it might just have been nerves. I think he's a great dancer.

Agree with Rachel's post and echo her sentiment of looking forward to your review. Poor Tyler could not find fifth position to save his soul when landing any of his jumps. Peasant pas was the only weak section of the performance. Loved ,loved, loved Skylar. I was pleased with the audience reaction as I understand from a friend (I did not attend) that the audience on Thursday night (expecting a different ballerina which I get) was not as responsive.

She was incredible! Skylar is a perfect Giselle in all facets of the role. Flawless technique and those pleading hurt shocked joyful loving eyes. She pierced every emotion. Agree the audience applauded on the second bar several times. Skylar so gracious and humble at stage door. Kate Hurlin so impressive too.

Did anyone feel like the KC staff just sort of dropped the curtain and ran home? I was shocked Skylar received neither flowers nor curtain calls when the bulk of the audience (at least in the orchestra) was still on their feet applauding loudly. It was very abrupt given the circumstances.

Agree with nowandforever09 that Skylar is an ideal Giselle, and I look forward (hopefully? fingers and toes crossed) that she is given ample opportunity to grow and expand into that role (here's lookin' at you, Kevin). I couldn't believe the ground she covered with the hops on pointe in Act I, and her balance is unrivaled.

I found the volume of the music quite low and often quite slow in the first act. Did anyone else think that, especially about the volume? I was in the back of the orchestra and felt myself straining to hear at times (though to be fair, the gentlemen in front of me crinkling a bag of cough drops for the first five minutes of Act II didn't help in this regard).

Yes agree with Rachel Perez so so disappointed with no curtain call I was in front of orchestra and there was so much energy for her. Wanted to shower her with applause! No issue with sound where I was. Looking forward to Haglund’s review.

Thanks, everyone, for the comments. Sorry about the delay in getting the review published. It's posted now.

I totally agree that the curtain was dropped and the lights came on too soon. It was a very appreciative audience that wanted to see its stars come before the curtain.

I also agree about the orchestra. I wondered if Ormsby Wilkins had fallen asleep on the podium. Or maybe he was just trying to put the audience to sleep. His tempi really dragged when they weren't being erratic.

I believe Ormsby Wilkins was conducting when Brandt made her debut in Le Corsaire. HIs tempos were very unreliable ESPECIALLY during Brandt and Lane's solos. I didn't notice the tempo problems at any other point. This made me wonder if it was deliberate. He wasn't the only ABT conductor I've noticed do this during performances.

I'm glad Brandt received such good reviews.

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