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May 26, 2020


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Maria Iliushkina, a coryphee in her 4th year, is Tarasova's pupil in this video. My goodness, the harmony in her lines is exquisite.

Hi Haglund,

Thanks for posting this class. I did it for about 20 minutes before I had to drop out or keel over. Iliushkina was exquisite, every movement beautifully executed and with such clarity and no fudging. Mamma mia, the 180 degree turnout of both teacher and student!

True, Marta! The commitment to excellence from head to toe is inspiring. Training is not a joke there.

NYCB streaming goes from great to greater. What an outstanding Donizetti Variations. Each and every dancer fantastic! Yeah, even Bouder, who can sometimes be a bit over the top, LOL! This is her perfect ballet.

I agree This was Bouder's role. It was five years ago, but the role fits her. Dancing was gtat. Loved it. Hoping NYCB continues as you hope, Haglunds.

ITA. Everyone was outstanding. I missed this particular performance in the theater in 2015 because the Mariinsky was at BAM that week. But I happened to see the Donizetti the prior week with Bouder and Joaquin De Luz which was also a highlight. Veyette was in great form, too, last night on the video.

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