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May 09, 2020


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I've made several types of masks. This is my favorite so far. It's not as difficult as it looks.


I love the fabric.

After watching the Mariinsky's Raymonda, I'm convinced that Tereshkina is the Goddess of Balletic Form. What a performance!

Just FYI re NYC Ballet on Tuesday - it is also going to feature Ask La Cour in the Phlegmatic section of Four Ts. They announced that on Instagram - not sure why it's not on the website.

Fabulous! Thanks for the update.

Fully agree on Tereshkina. I've noticed that while watching many dancers, even elite ones, I have some semi-conscious sense of unease--I'm worried for them that they'll make a mistake. Maybe I'm just noticing their own worry.

Not so with Tereshkina. What a joy to watch someone so confidently, securely, and gracefully reveling in the steps.

HI Haglund,

I agree enthusiastically about Tereshkina-- and I don't even like Raymonda very much. I loved her in Bayadere, DQ and others.
May she dance on for many years!

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