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May 28, 2020


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Great idea for NYCB Nutcracker Suite streams, Haglund. Heck, I’ll slap my fiver on the bar for that! I’m ready for a Mira Nadon Sugarplum.

Yep, I wanna see that, too. I'd be drinking every night if we continuously got a new cast.

Love the Nutcracker idea! I don't live in New York, and have to say that one major silver lining from the pandemic for me has been a few of the digital spring season offerings that I never made it to the city to see in person. I really hope when things go back to some sense of normalcy, NYCB remembers the larger audience it garnered when they were offering these streams. I would GLADLY pay.

Thanks, Krystin.

This situation and the exceptional steps we have to take at the moment are temporary. But when we're in the middle of it, it all looks interminable. The obstacles look insurmountable and the adaptations we need to adopt for the moment may seem unappealing. But we'll be back in the theaters eventually and this tragedy will be behind us. Of course, there will always be another one down the road and around the corner.

For those who were around way back when, I don't think people would mind if NYCB revived something along the lines of the now defunct Fourth Ring Circle pricing: $20 "membership" for $15 tickets per show, max two tickets per show. I used to happily spend money at the New York State Theater that way: past four tickets, one would be getting a deal on the membership. Also, 2+ hours of live music and live dance for $15? What a deal that was.

Yes, I definitely remember. You could buy all the 4th Ring Society tickets way ahead of time, too. Going back a bit further in time, seats were $10 and they included the whole 4th ring, 4th sides and 5th ring sides. We had 4th Ring Society T-shirts. There's a lady who still wears hers to performances.

I agree that NYCB needs to re-open 4th Ring Society memberships and think long-term in terms of building support rather than thinking short-term about how many more nickles they can squeeze from each poor fan's wallet.

I'm not very hopeful about opening up by winter. This inspired idea at least gives me hope that I can still have something to look forward to. I hope they're reading!

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