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May 30, 2020


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Such a thrill to see "Midsummer" with such a perfect cast. While full length story ballets famously weren't Mr. Balanchine's regular MO, when he asked his dancers to exercise their "acting chops", they delivered big time.... Thank you to Lincoln Center for releasing this performance (and those to come), from the vault. I am not just smiling ear to ear, but shedding a few tears for the sheer beauty that was on display.....Can't wait to see the ABT performance for tomorrow night....

ITA, Beth.

I started watching on the LC page, but my video and audio were out of sync; I switched to FB but it still looked a little off. It was on the LC YouTube channel as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYz5GKkH_4s

It was a thrill to have seen this again up on my big screen. Now those were days of glory! I kept thinking how, if it were done in 2020, the PC Police would muck around and change some things.

I wonder who will introduce tonight’s ABT 1978 show - Kevin McKenzie? His one big moment to introduce a complete program during this COVID season!

Just saw your earlier message, Haglund. I had no problem with synchronization or anything else on my smart tv (invoking Youtube on voice remote and searching Lincoln Center). Absolute perfection, even if not HD...still sharp. Stereo sound. Big & gorgeous. It’s almost as if Jock Soto were holding that parasol over my head. These shows deserve to be watched in full glory, as we sit comfortably on a sofa or easy chair in our living rooms...not hunched above an iPad. Not everyone has a big smart tv, I realize. But if one does, put away the darn iPad and relax.

Thanks, Jeannette. I'm shopping. I see that there are some on Best Buy that aren't much more than the price of an orchestra ticket.

A very wise decision, Haglund. So worth it for watching these ballets in comfort, if anything.

Hi Haglund,

Sorry I missed Midsummer last night, but I can't wait to tune in to ABT 1978. I remember watching it back in the day ... thrilling. Wasn't there an interview of Gelsey after T&V? From what you and Jeannette are saying, visual quality is definitely superior to that of youtube!

Hello Marta,
Yes, the T&V performance went backstage to have Dick Cavett (sp?), speak with Miss Kirkland. As "glowing" and exhausted as she was after this "killer" of a ballet, she was gracious and patient with each and every question, truly a regal figure......

Last night’s version of the Midsummer Dream 1986 telecast cut all pre-, post-, and intermission chat, so that may be what they do tonight. Even the on-screen rolling credits and synopsis during overture were cut, as was the full cast listing afterwards, during bows. However, they added a new (2020) on-camera intro by NYCB AD Jonathan Stafford, from his home. This makes me wonder if ABT AD Kevin Mckenzie will introduce tonight’s show?

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