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June 01, 2020


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Yeah, sounds like an excuse - even if a noble excuse. Wouldn’t it have been more correct to celebrate the marvelous diversity of SAB’s recent top graduates? For example, that very performance of Scotch Symphony that is being deferred featured La Jeromeny Brown (now NYCB corps who’s been featured in the new Peck ballet) as one of the two Demi-solo men. I was really looking forward to seeing him on the big screen.

I’m now wondering if the remaining Lincoln Center Dance Week offerings will be similarly deferred?

The program was going to include video of the Agon PdD as a tribute to Arthur Mitchell. What better time than now?

Well, Jeannette, you have your answer.

"Along with arts and cultural institutions across the country, New York City Ballet and the School of American Ballet will participate in Blackout Tuesday to stand against all forms of racism, violence, and discrimination.

Please note the following updates to previously announced Lincoln Center Dance Week events:

New York City Ballet’s stream of Coppélia has been postponed until Saturday, June 6 at 8 PM (EDT).

The School of American Ballet Virtual Workshop has been postponed and will be rescheduled at a more appropriate time in coming months."

While disappointing that the stream planned for last night was postponed, I was able to watch the 1978 ABT program on Monday morning (BRAVO!!) and the wonderful NYCB's A Midsummer Night's Dream Monday night. Perhaps those who may have missed these would still be able to watch. I concur with the many educated comment on the post re ABT. This group of dancers were on fire!

They certainly were on fire. Gelsey was a brilliant streaming comet in T&V.

I wonder we will be back to “Right Here, Right Now” with these LincolnCenter Dance Week shows? No Blackout Wednesday, please...we’ve already experienced three months of COVID Black-out! I also hope that tonight’s NYCB Balanchine Tribute from 1983 will be barrier free (no hoops to jump through to access), as was Sunday’s ABT 1978 program.

Sigh. It appears that it’s another “Not here, Not now” for Lincoln Center at Home’s Dance Week. One hour before the announced premiere of the NYCB Balanchine Tribute stream and there are no signs of life on the LC Youtube channel. Neither have I received a “secret email” about accessing the show through any “unlisted” Youtube site, such as folks got about Sunday’s ABT-1978 program.

So disappointed to see this no-show behavior from NYCB when it is representing Lincoln Center in a multi-resident special event.

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