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June 21, 2020


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Mayara Pineiro was sensational! A truly world-class performance.

I totally agree. And Oxana Maslova's Dryad Queen was exquisite.

What a fabulous Don Q, Haglund! This is going to be one heck of a week.

Oh dear. I'm having trouble with the link to the performance. The Prelude link works fine, but I get a Page Not Found for the performance link. 😾😾😾😾

Got the "corrected" link this morning. Moving forward...getting closer and closer to Giselle on Wednesday.

Re. the Don Q film: if Haglund or anyone else knows the names of the lead Gypsy Man and Gypsy Woman (in purple dress) at the start of Act II, could you please provide? Both were terrific! I’m amazed at the depth of this company.

I believe they were Nayara Lopes and Pau Pujol (not 100% sure on Pau). Aren't they both wonderful?! I saw Nayara dance the Peasant PdD in Giselle; the whole time I was thinking, what a Giselle she will be some day!

No, Jeannette, on second glance, I think the Gypsy Guy is Zecheng Liang rather than Pujol.

Great DQ! I loved the two leads, especially Pineiro and agree with all of you who mentioned others. You can get the complete cast list of DQ if you google PA ballet Don Q. I'm thrilled they're streaming Giselle!

Thanks, Haglund. Both have the Wow Factor! My first thought was that Angel had trimmed Act II’s Gypsy Scene a bit too much, then I though Naw...he kept just the right number of dances around the campfire...then on to Don Q’s Dream Scene!

Also looking forward to Giselle. I wonder who will dance the leads? So many great principals in this troupe.

Thanks, Marta.

Jeannette, I did what Marta said to do, and confirmed that the Gypsy Guy was indeed Zencheng Liang.

Thank you, Marta. You’ve inspired me to plan for tomorrow’s Giselle stream...so here is the link to ALL casting during the company’s last run of Giselle’s in March 2019. If we get the first cast, it’ll be Maslova/Molina-Soca but all casts have their delights.


Now I just have to plan drinks and snacks!

Thanks for the cast sheets, Jeannette. I hope we see the opening night performance. I was there and found it all quite moving and powerful. Nayara Lopes in the Peasant Pas and as Moyna in Act II was certainly one of many highlights. Arian Molina Soca as Albrecht danced Act II as though this ballet was the substance of his soul, as though his whole life came down to these moments, this role, this chance for Albrecht’s redemption.


I got my email and password on Giselle. Well know cast when we tune in. Fingers crossed!

Beginning the evening with Ballet Hispanico’s “watch party” for Sombrerisimo then migrating to Giselle.

I'm fairly sure that the Giselle is the opening night performance that I saw with Oksana Maslova and Arian Molina Soca. I vaguely recall Albrecht pulling off the whole head of the daisy before handing back the little stem stump to Giselle. 🌼 I also believe that I can hear Haglund among those hollering at the end of the Peasant PdD danced by Nayara Lopes and Albert Gordon.

Such a fabulous performance. These were my thoughts after opening night: https://haglundsheel.typepad.com/haglunds_heel/2019/03/pennsylvania-ballet-giselle-37.html

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