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June 19, 2020


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Can't wait!

Thrilling! Thank you, Haglund.

I still haven't gotten my link which the confirmation page said would be sent shortly. Have either of you gotten one yet?

Excellent! Practically every ballet company in the US except ______ has jumped on board the full-ballet streams wagon.

True, Jeannette. I want to see the Abrera/Shklyarov Giselle and the Noche Latina Le Corsaire when Grandpa Julio as Conrad charged out of the upstage corner and threw a triple tour assemble.

Still no link after more than 24 hours.

This is exciting! Registered! Thank you, Hagland!

Got the link!

It's after 6:00 and still no link in sight at my end of town. This show is supposed to start at 6:30. I'm mixing up a pitcher of Arnold Palmers to go with my two single-serve cartons of Haagen-Dazs: Honey Salted Caramel Almond and Chocolate Chocolate Chip. Just trying to keep up with Jeannette...

6:25 still no link here. I see from the PA Ballet twitter account that Preludes begin at 6:30 and the performance begins at 7:30.

6:40 waiting...

7:05 ...

8:00 ...

Oh, Haglund. If you could take the bullet train to DC, husband and I’d invite you over to watch on our comfy sofa...but only on the iPad propped up on the coffee table. No jumbo TV with Vimeo. I got my link around 6pm. Did you give the right email address?

Although not my favorite type of ballet - too much gymnastics and stretching, rather than dancing - it had beautiful movements and patterns performed by gorgeous dancers. Hard to complain. We’re grateful and looking forward to more from this company.

Yeah, I sent the correct email a couple of times. Still no link. At one point I saw a note on the PA Ballet website that every ticket buyer would automatically get the link. I've purchased a fair amount of tickets -- still, no link.

I suppose it will get ironed out eventually.

Thanks for the offer, Jeannette. I don't think I and my pitcher of Arnold Palmers can slosh our ways down the rails to D.C. to watch on an iPad. But oh my, they were tasty--the secret is in creating the perfect icy slush of lemonade.

I hope many will agree with Old Hag that this company deserves our support right now. What a fabulous, flavorful performance of Don Q. Great dancing, great pace. Bravi.

Just watched Giselle. Very impressed with the corps. Maslova was good but not the wow-brings-tears-to-your-eyes kind.. I guess once you see Sarah Lane, everyone tends to pale in comparison.

Nayara Lopes as Moyna or Zulma (which one is which? Well anyway one of the Lead Wilis) really sparkled. She’s destined for big things.

Some of the choreography In Act 2 was a head scratcher.

I thought Oksana's Giselle was lovely, melodic, highly technically secure, and conveyed Romantic softness. Sarah Lane's Giselle is beautiful but I would not say that everyone else's tends to pale in comparison--that's a rather provincial take on the large world of Giselles.

Nayara Lopes danced in the Peasant PdD and as Moyna in Act II.

I'm not sure to what choreography in Act II you were referring. There are probably a dozen versions of Giselle danced right now by major ballet companies that include variances on the variations and corps work. I didn't seen anything that looked out of place.

Yes, indeed, the corps was excellent in both acts.

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