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June 06, 2020


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Thanks for the alert, Haglund; I would have been very unhappy if I'd missed this. I have such wonderful memories of seeing this with my BFF lo those many years ago.

This is a great production, well filmed in a studio...something rarely seen nowadays. I have the commercial tape/DVD but the stream was clearer (restored). A real joy!

I was watching on my laptop (I know, I know, Jeannette) and was thoroughly transported. With regard to the filming -- I did notice, however, that on my screen the feet were sometimes cut off during batterie. Ditto (now and then) with the tops of those gorgeous arms in 5th position.

Such wonderful casting. Everyone had his/her character fully detailed. Beautiful length in everyone's lines. Have always loved the Wilis' costumes. Grateful to Arthur Mitchell and Frederic Franklin for creating this production.

I'd almost forgotten how charming, fresh and spirited this production is. Miss Johnson was so touching, and her disjointed movements during the mad scene reminded me of a doll being broken to pieces. Lorraine Graves was every inch the Queen of the Willis she portrayed and the ensemble was so beautifully rehearsed and committed to their characters....Thank you DTH....

Not performances, but looks like the Balanchine Foundation is making some coaching sessions from their archives available on YouTube.

Thanks, yukionna! Here's the link. https://www.youtube.com/user/blnchn
The recent uploads include Helgi Tomasson coaching the male solo from Le Baiser, Frederic Franklin coaching excerpts from Le Baiser with Maria Tallchief and Vida Brown, Frederic Franklin and Stanley Zompakos recreating pieces of Mozartiana, and two interviews with Robert Barnett - one with Gloria Govrin and one with Patricia Wilde.

Thanks again, yukionna.

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