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June 04, 2020


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I know that this Ailey program is commercially available (DVD/BluRay) but it was still great to have watched last night on the big screen.

Unfortunately, the “Blackout” continues with other pre-announced ballet streams elsewhere. For ex, the Joyce Theater will no longer stream Kochetkova’s program and PNB will delay today’s House Party stream-by-donation of Tharp’s Waiting at the Station.

I thoroughly enjoyed Revelations and Takademe, but I will never like Chroma no matter who dances it.

Re: the video streams pulled: Most of these special video streams during this time were supposed to double as fundraising efforts. That was misguided if not imprudent to compete with fundraising efforts for people enduring real suffering. So instead of proceeding with the video streams without the fundraising component, they pulled them -- perhaps to save them for a better day when they might be able to pull in more money without controversy. That in itself represents a controversy, that is, if they don't want to give a video presentation to the suffering public unless they can make money off of it.

You have a point, Haglund. Most of these organizations didn’t do this just to make the public happy. Perhaps yes in Europe & Russia, since its mostly public funding.

I may have missed “the memo” from San Francisco Ballet but it appears that they are also #blackingout today...no promised Director’s Choice program of Tomasson and Wheeldon ballets (at 5:30pm EST). Rather, they’re still showing Marston’s Snowblind as their SFBallet@home offering...so, in a way, it’s not really a black-out, is it?
These offerings normally change on Friday afternoons. See the notice - still indicating Director’s Choice for June 5 through June 12:

San Francisco honoring the #blackout. The linked SFco Ballet AtHome page now featured a 2018 discussion panel on diversity issues rather than ballet performance streams.

Thanks for the info, Jeannette.

Dance Theatre of Harlem will stream their gorgeous Giselle tomorrow night (Saturday) at 8pm on YouTube and FB.


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