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September 10, 2020


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What a downer. I guess we could see the writing on the wall when Lane was cast in only 3 performances for the Met season. Still... she devoted her entire career to ABT. No loyalty at this pathetic company. They won’t see one red cent from me.

I wonder if this is similar to what happened to Veronika -- where there was an understanding about continuing another season but then McKenzie pulled the rug out from under the dancer at the last minute. Hopefully, Sarah will offer some clarification.

While not exactly surprising, I'm still so upset about Sarah that I can't be happy about the promotions. She deserved so much better, after everything she gave to ABT and what they put her through. Just when you think the company can't go lower, they find a way. I'm through with ABT. I will only attend a few performances of select dancers that I still support, but that's it. I'm so devastated at the thought that I may not see Sarah dance again.


ITA especially after all that Lane has done from her beautiful Manon which I’ll never forget, to her filling in for a certain principal who couldn’t finish her Swan!! :/ And the years of wonderful work she’s given to so many of us - and this dump!!! I’m so furious with what’s consistently done to so many, Part included. And the “matinee” farewell for the great Paloma!! One after another is enough.
BTW the NYTimes release mentions this: “... There have been salary reductions across the company, Ms. Ryan said, and dancers are being paid six salaried weeks, compared with 10 weeks last year. ...” So the dancers are only getting six weeks pay for the year? Sorry to sound stupid but I thought they had a 40 week schedule pre-virus? So how did that get down to 6?!
And if they’re getting the PPP why aren’t they paying their staff? Not sure how that works.

Dittos to what Lena said above in her post. There haven't been many dancers who have been able to make so many of the classic rep ballets living, breathing pieces of art. Sarah Lane is the entire package deal: a solid steel technical foundation overlaid with a porcelain grace and delicacy. When combined with her great story telling abilities, you have not just the perfect Petipa ballerina, but one that can make Giselle, Manon, Clara et al. into three dimensional characters that spring from the pages of their original stories. To say that I'm upset/heartbroken about this development is an understatement. Sorry for sounding so melodramatic....it's also the way she's being pushed out that's infuriating....I've pretty much decided I won't be skipping down to NYC any time soon.....

HF, I really don't know what Ms. Ryan was saying either. Perhaps she was referring exclusively to the fall season which usually includes the Koch Season and the OC Nutcracker. That would bring it close to 10 weeks.

PPP is pretty complicated. Unemployment benefits, PPP and the Crisis Fund payouts could become a complex Pas de Trois to execute without entanglements.

Agreed with Lena - my enthusiasm for the promotions - at least the ones I agree with - quickly died upon learning that Sarah was off the roster. Also, I, too, am through with ABT. Agreed with everything Beth said. I've come to expect terrible things from ABT, but this one takes the cake. I had only planned to buy tickets to Sarah's performances this spring before COVID, so I guess I won't be buying anymore tickets now that she's off the roster. There were some young dancers whose careers I was following, but now all I can do is wish them well and hope they don't get screwed over by management and KM. Enjoy your fakerina and her terrible dancing. I suppose Brandt and Trenary are her new understudies? Whatever the case is, I'm certain I won't be there to witness it. I know people love those two, but I'm not crazy about either of them so I won't be spending money on them either.
Ms. Lane, it's been a bumpy ride but thank you for so many magical moments on stage. Now if you only you had taken that other contract from across the country some years ago, one can only dream.

Beth, ITA. People trampled over Sarah during her career and didn't give her the respect for her dancing that she deserved. Even when she had to bail out Copeland because the Fakerina couldn't do the steps, she never got any public thanks. Copeland even subsequently seemed on the verge of a "That was really me out there" Trumposity. And of course Sarah did the steps for Natalie who denied it all and managed to thank her stylist, dentist, paperboy and catsitter for her Oscar but not the person who did her dancing for her. Misty, Natalie, Ben and Herman are probably exchanging toasts over Zoom.

OMG I cannot believe Sarah is simply off the website with no commentary whatsoever on the ABT website for a PRINCIPAL dancer who has been with the company for almost 20 years, not to mention her time at the school. What a disaster. I know they won't, but I would love for them to bring her back as a guest artist for Giselle and/or Manon next season to send her off in style.

I saw a notice of ABT's promotions and was excited for these dancers. Then I noticed that Sarah was not pictured with the other principal dancers. So upsetting! I came here to grieve, and wonder why she left. ABT is robbing her of a 20 year anniversary celebration and a final performance that should be about five years from now. I hope she will have an opportunity to dance somewhere else or create one.

I'm not surprised. I had a premonition when Lane was cast in so few ballets. The only tickets I purchased for Spring were for her performances.

It's the house of the fakerina now. Let them have it. I have no interest in what they do now. Obviously real talent, real artistry and real technique are not that much interest to them.

Can't help but note that McKenzie seems to have dumped Sarah Lane on Copeland's birthday to help the fakerina celebrate.

I hope some day we'll learn what crime Blaine Hoven committed against McKenzie to warrant the termination of his opportunities. He was swiftly put on the backburner when his best friend Marcelo was pushed out/walked out. He is an accomplished artist who produces work far superior to Calvin Royal in every category. It disgusted me to see the NYT plant a picture in which they identified Hoven, Royal, and Shayer and added the notation to indicate that only Royal and Shayer were promoted.

OMG Haglund so glad you mentioned Blaine! I was just thinking about that and so agree with you on this! I don't want this to sound racist and by no mean I am one, but I do wonder how much of the diversity situation worked against his situation?
I gave this some thought - they needed to add diversity to the principal and only Royal was a soloist (I think they once thought of Brooklyn Mack?), once they promote Royal they has to fill the soloist space, so how perfect it is with Shayer who has been so outspoken about being overlooked, that was a perfect fit?! And there lies Blaine again :( I might be wrong on all this and just thinking out loud.
I am happy they did also finally promote Forster as I have enjoyed his dancing all these years, however, I feel the others even with good technique and "tricks", I just don't see any primas like the golden years of that company.
Sad to see how this once great company built by Misha has basically dumb down by their board and KM.

The political push for diversity as managed by ABT has been as clumsy and ill-thought as everything else that McKenzie has done. So now here we have two Black principals in ABT. We should be cheering, right? But we can't, because both the female and male principal drag way behind the rest of the rank in terms of technical abilities and artistry. The female not only has never been able to raise her level of dancing to the others', she's stopped trying in favor of building a media-made career over a stage-made career. She stopped trying while continuing her crying about how unfairly she's been treated. She stopped trying because everyone at ABT told her it was okay to stop trying. She didn't have to try to get what she wanted; she only needed to sell a false narrative about herself being a victim of racism. It is a sad shame that she will end her career without ever having created a principal level performance in a classical ballet. Meanwhile, Black women who actually have the requisite technique and aptitude for classical work are being kept buried in the corps for fear that they might take the limelight off of Copeland as she fakes her way to the finish.

I am extremely happy to see Forster, Ahn, Bell, and especially Brandt promoted because they have proved themselves to be worthy of leading principal roles. I look forward to discovering what Trenary and Royal can offer. At the same time, I feel great pain for Blaine who has suffered an injustice so that Royal, a lesser dancer, can advance.

I’ve been seeing nothing but the color red since yesterday, feeling so desolate about Lane’s ignominious removal from the company. Thank you for remembering Blaine Hoven, that wonderful, vibrant dancer who received a Princess Grace award the year after Lane did, leading not to more opportunity but to both getting trapped in ABT soloist hell and treated with disrespect. I can’t imagine what Lane might have done to deserve such insulting treatment from a boss who spent the better part of 17 years ignoring her. It’s to her credit that she didn’t depart and finally received her promotion; it’s also to her detriment that she remained when opportunity would have been available elsewhere. Is this a 21st century ballet company, or a Dickensian novel in which our talented heroine is repeatedly abused and mistreated and suffers a tragic end? What kind of boss treats a gifted, long-time employee so miserably?

I find the new ABT roster filled with far too many unsavory performers for my taste, topped by an unskilled, rapidly aging 38 year old who received a highly questionable promotion, and two clowns whose offstage antics always prove fine cover for their lack of dancing excellence. And this seems to be ABT’s directive now: nonstop publicity via social media to distract from the fact that their attractive, photogenic dancers lack important skills and will never achieve aesthetic greatness. With the exception of the team of Shevchenko and Forster, there’s little that’s worth paying to see. If Lane by some chance can secure a performance or two at another company next year, I’ll definitely try to be there. However, I agree with everyone else: no more tickets to ABT performances. They continue to wallow in a deep, corrupt abyss of their own making.

Sadly the Age of the Ballerina is over. It has become nothing more than a pony show hobby for elite children and they all remain children! Balanchine said Ballet is Woman — well where are the women?!!!! I think I’ll turn my sights to Tennis where even if ur a rich kid u still gotta produce the goods!

Haglund - has anything ever been substantiated about Sarah Lane's fallout with Herman Cornejo? It all seemed so strange after so many years of a wonderful partnership. Did we all just imagine it or was there really something there between the two that resulted in them ceasing to dance together? I can't imagine Lane sharing any details while her husband remains employed with the company.

This blog can not be more right on about the career of Misty, I feel for her, she most be really injure, but as explain here, she took the path to sell herself and her story, instead of being in the studio working on the roles.....seems like the company is doing the same strategy since I guess it work out with Misty;(!

We are living very difficult times and we can not count on ABT for a spark of light....the company is rolling with fake dancers and miss leading publicity!

Krystin, we don't know the details of her falling out with Cornejo. However, if it led to the end of her employment at ABT and she contests her non-renewal/termination/whatever, perhaps it will become public -- probably to the dismay of Herman and possibly other dancers. If she was wronged, she should go public with it. What's the point in saving the faces of those who wronged her? Why should they get away with it?

Several weeks (months?) ago Shayer posted a poem on Instagram accusing McKenzie of racism and of his being held in the corps because of his skin color. So guess who’s rewarded with a promotion? McKenzie has absolutely no clue how to manage a company.

I sincerely doubt Sarah will say anything publicly that is negative about ABT or its leadership (nor any of her former colleagues). Presumably(?) she wants to find a new artistic home, and the way she reacts to her non-renewal at ABT will be taken into consideration by any new company considering taking her onboard. The last thing any person, particularly a woman, wants to be perceived as is difficult, especially in an insular industry like ballet. And, as Krystin notes, she certainly wouldn't want to negatively impact her husband's career at ABT. It's a terribly unfair situation for her, but I suspect that is how this will ultimately play out. My heart breaks for her though. I imagine this came as a surprise to her - not necessarily the non-renewal, but the utter lack of announcement about her departure. Her social media silence in the last two days is very telling as she is usually fairly active. Perhaps she can grace the stage in Philadelphia (Rachel says selfishly because it would be a quick hop on the train to go see her).

I agree with other posters that it's a crying shame to lose Sarah Lane, the most complete ballerina left at ABT and my personal favorite, and especially in such an ignominious way. And, Blaine was robbed. Again. I love his dancing and have for years. And I do understand that it's frustrating to see the dancers who "play the media game" advance and thrive at the expense of those who don't.

I know many will disagree but I think managing a successful social media presence is now an important part of an American dancer's career. Fair or not, the dancers who do it well are reaping the benefits in their careers. Isabella Boylston now has over 400K instagram followers, Misty Copeland has 1.8 million. Those kind of followings bring name recognition and that translates into box office sales.

An AD of a company might find certain dancers difficult, but be willing to overlook that if they bring in the money. Some of the finest artists in history have been challenging to work with but the combination of their talent and their huge popularity means management will kowtow. But being the finest caliber of artist might not be enough if you alienate enough of the wrong people and don't have enough draw. That might not ever be known beyond the footlights but it is something that could have been part of the behind-the-scenes disappearances of some amazing ABT dancers.

Well, folks, I think that we’re one step closer to my prediction of a Fakerina/Royal DON Q opener in DC coming true. Of course, assuming that ABT performs live at the Kennedy Center next spring...thinking positive.

Horrible about Sarah Lane. So many gorgeous performances...Columbine, Giselle, Manon, Aurora, T&V, Other Dances...

On the other hand...yeah, Thomas Forster - Principal! Aran Bell! Ahn! Cassandra Trenary! I’m just hoping that Catherine Hurlin, who I totally loved as Callirhoe in Costa Mesa, follows in the next round. Gosh, I hope that ABT - warts & all - survives to a next round.

What a pity to lose Sarah Lane! An exquisite Giselle and thrilling in Don Q. How can it afford to part with one of its foremost realarinas and in a style antithetical to the gracefulness of ballet? Does ABT have some kind of death wish?

If we are going to have a Kardashian Ballet Theater, maybe just explain in the publicity with a note that said: be aware this dancers spend a great deal of time in social media than in the studio, they may look a bit different from those videos you saw of ABT from 1980, due to their hard work in social media they are not able to do the original choreography .

I can’t with Sarah. Devastated. I was in person for many of her debuts, both planned and unplanned. I will travel to see her wherever she ends up.

@BalletLover3.19pm: Kardashian Ballet Theater is an instant classic. Truth can be nauseating but you have nailed it. ¶I also meant to say in the second sentence of my comment 'How can ABT afford' rather than 'how can it afford' but I was so disturbed by the news of Sarah Lane's departure that I failed to edit myself. Sarah, we love you!

ABT is really a microcosm for the country and what is woefully wrong in America. Mediocrity and immature behavior are rewarded because of Instagram followers while hard work and devotion to an artistic ideal are passed over. It really is the American Ballet Theater. I'll have to settle for videos of other ballet companies. Tonight Channel 13 is showing the Royal Ballet's movie of Romeo & Juliet.

I'm sad and furious that Sarah Lane is out. I also had planned to buy tickets only to Sarah's performances this spring. I don't think she's coming back as a guest. When KM dismissed Veronika Part so shamefully, there was a NYT article despite there not being much info to report. Sarah's departure reminds me of Part's, only we don't even have a paragraph. KM just never seemed to appreciate either of these women. Sarah is a bit younger and maybe she'll go elsewhere. It's shameful too that Hoven does not get the recognition he deserves. I haven't seen most of the new principals more than once. but what I've seen of Royal did not impress me. Of the current principal women, before the new ones were named, only Shevchenko seems distinctive. As Haglund, or someone, said not long ago, the only two truly spectacular dancers at ABT are Cornejo and Simkin. One's aging and the other is leaving. No matter how great the new principals may be or become, the culture at ABT will not change.

True, Marta. Culture change starts at the top.

Yes Hernan, Simkin, and the last show of David are the ones to watch. I think the new people will become principal only Skylar with her work ethics can deliver today a principal level, do not forget after the pandemic most of them will not have been jumping for months.... that really will
lower the quality of their social media ballet technique. I just feel very insulted that they keep sell us the great glorious ABT and their “principal” dancers when they have not been for years that company.

Yes, Hf2 - Change starts at the top.

American ballet has become a parody of the art form. It's becoming increasingly obvious most companies here care about success on Instagram and Tiktok more than on stage.

Can you imagine Natalia Osipova or Dorothee Gilbert dancing to WAP like Boylston and Whiteside then plastering it all online? No, because ballet as an art means something in other countries.

ABT should be ashamed. Forcing out one of their most beautiful dancers in years to replace her with Brandt who spends her days making TikTok turning videos.

What a mess ABT has made of themselves. I never expected to say I miss the 80s, but I would love to see ABT in their glory again.

Jean, to her credit, Skylar plants more videos of herself working her ass off in rehearsals than all the other ABT dancers combined. It doesn't appear to me that anyone is doing more to prepare for a high level principal career than Skylar. I expect greatness from her, and my hope is that it comes with a short wait.

Further, I also have high hopes for Ahn whose spectacular technique coupled with highly-organized abandon was a thrill to watch in both Le Corsaire and as Albrecht in Giselle. I wish he could have the benefit of time with Bocca.

Both Tom Forster and Aran Bell will deliver the goods with steady growth and will create their large blocks of fans who want to see every one of their performances, which will probably include most of us.

But as others have suggested, the clowning and effort to portray ballet as just another form of sloppy, do whatever you want to do contemporary dance form by Boylston, Whiteside and others has turned ABT into Asses Ballet Theater.

Ahn is fantastic, and I am very excited to see his promotion.

We will see how Brandt does. She does seem to work hard. I just want ABT to put a moratorium on social media posting the way SFB apparently did late last year. It would be good for all of them.

I'm bitter about Blaine and Sarah.

Time to move on.

I actually want to move back to the topic of Sarah's departure. I hope she doesn't think that some company is going to ring her up and offer her a principal position. What company can afford that right now? Everyone is fighting for survival -- except for the company with a $220 million endowment -- and no one has the luxury of hiring extra dancers. If Sarah can persuade a company to give her consideration, it is likely that the artistic director will have already spoken to ABT (or to ABT dancers that he/she knows personally) to get their take on her dancing and ability to function with colleagues. If she takes the so-called "high road" and doesn't make her best case about why she's out of a job, it will be like making no defense at all. Let's hope she doesn't repeat Veronika's mistake by thinking that others' social media complaining is going to help her win her job back. She has to make the case herself for her value and for ABT's mistake or deceit or whatever it was that ended her employment.

Yes - talent vs. behavior. In any field, the smartest people are the ones who can balance their own egos against the benefit of being smart politically - accepting that life isn't fair, and that considering how others feel and treating them well can help you achieve your goals. I've seen dancers succumb to hysterical fan adoration (notably at the stage door) and let it go to their heads. The smart ones have a foot in the real world. (Can't say the same about some dance fans, unfortunately.)

Twu what you say.

I think we are mourning what once was ABT I agree with Solor and that it’s time to move on. But for those who been in love by the glorious days of ABT it’s just a sock to digest how the company is this days. Thanks everyone here for sharing their thoughts and love for art form.

ABT "America's Dance Company, now America's Mediocre, but politically correct dance company. Congrats ABT for your accomplishment of ruining a fine roster of dancers in favor of slobbering over social,media popularity and a moron as Artistic Director. Enjoy your place in the hole with grinning mediocre so called " stars" as your patrons and subscribers flee. I do miss the eighties and nineties when talent and artistry were the important things, not Misty and Calvin on magazine covers. Pitiful and sad.

Sincere question.

Wondering if there'll be roster changes when NYCB comes back.

I would kind of suspect so, Diana, but they will be handled with more grace than at ABT. Maybe we'll see one big collective farewell something-or-other. We already know that Maria's final performance was calendared for the end of May.

Hi Haglund,

Yes, Kowroski's final performance is another bummer. I'm happy to watch her dance anything, but hoping for a last look at her in Agon. I'm curious to see what she'll be doing in the future.

Who knows what the future brings, but *if* there is a future for the arts, I think Skylar is on the brink of a major career. She's such pretty girl and photographs so well I could easily see her racking up endorsement deals. I hope she keeps her head on straight.

But the future is so murky, I won't make predictions except to say, we are in for turmoil.

Temporary antidote to turmoil: Panda-cam


Brand new baby 3-1/2 weeks old.

Now we’re getting desperate, LOL! At this rate, I may even put up with The Cindies blogs.

Not that desperate -- I would opt for Kardashian re-runs or other such worthless noise long before.

I'll admit to spending hours daily watching the Panda-cam in the last three weeks. Mei Xiang's clumsy rolling around reminds me of –– stopped myself, I just won't go there and start anybody's rage, especially my own.


Life goes on!

Looking around for some free digital ballet, I found over 35 free videos listed on Bachtrack, including Paloma Herrera's company in Argentina. I think she needs to hire new talent across the board.
Scanning Teatro Colón's YT channel, one can see many full-length presentations (dance, opera, music).

On PBS--GP, the film, Romeo and Juliet (Royal Ballet) is attractive but Francesca Hayward just doesn't thrill like Ferri did at any age or with any of her partners over the years. I love Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights theme and the orchestra plays it well. R & J goes off the air in early October.
MacMillian versus Cranko versions--which fits best?

Prokofiev's ballet music for Cinderella is so interesting, I don't care who the choreographer is as long as the score is played well.

For the Met spring 2018 season, I bought a ticket to every single one of Sarah's performances, and a handful of others. Granted, they may have all been front balcony seats, but when you added them all up it was several hundred dollars of ballet tickets. (It was my one big splurge that year) I did not buy a ticket for any Copeland performances that year. I realized as the 2019 season was getting quite close to starting, that ABT never sent me a brochure to try and get me to subscribe, and not even a letter to see if I was interested in the upcoming season. All of my tickets I had bought with a credit card, so it's not like they didn't have my info. why didn't they care to try and keep me coming back to their performances? In contrast, while I only bought two tickets to performances at the Metropolitan Opera in 2018, they sent me several letters and two glossy brochures trying to convince me to subscribe to their following season. Seriously, ABT has no idea how to deal with their own ticket buyers. They obviously don't know how to deal with their dancers!

Thanks, Laura, for the update on video and TV presentations. In answer to your question about which fits the music best when it comes to MacMillan vs Cranko versions, I think we have to credit Cranko (1962) since MacMillan (1964/65) used so many of his ideas. Both are quite wonderful and we are so lucky to have performances by legends preserved.

Susan F, nothing about ABT's miserable operation comes as a surprise any more.

I forgot to mention, Haglund, that I literally only started attending ABT's performances because of Sarah. I have been going to the NYC spring season every year since 2015, and never has ABT ever contacted me in any way, shape, or form. AS I said in my comment above, you would think that ABT would see that I was a consistent attendee and want to try and possibly sell me a subscription, or donate to the company, or something. Something! But no, nothing. It's beyond puzzling. Even the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, where I attended one concert three years ago, has put (and kept) me on their mailing list. ABT is a mess, but we already knew that!

Your last four words ...

Hello Haglund. Further upthread, Jean mentioned the "WAP" ditty (I refuse to refer to it as either a song or music).....Anyhoo, there is a mushrooming situation wherein the ABT PR department may have a mess on its' hands. Part of this particular piece was used in conjunction with an Instagram video of Christine Shevchenko rehearsing Clara for "The Nutcracker". The "WAP" piece uses as part of it's track the theme for the Sugar Plum Fairy....There are a fair amount of comments on this video "mash up" voicing their displeasure and upset....along with a couple of pros from other companies. I have no idea if Ms. Shevchenko was aware that this was being put together or if she approved it (I want to believe the former), but it's not a good look and another sad example of ABT management shooting itself in the foot....

Sad and true. Another tasteless cry for attention from ABT. They are at a point in failure where they have few options left other than to rely on crassness.

The Instagram account claims that it is run by the dancers of ABT and that it represents their own opinions and not those of ABT. However, ABT adds the I-gram page at the bottom of its website pages just as though it were their own official page along with their FB & Twitter accounts. So, the argument fails. The Instagram page is functioning as an official ABT page and represents the company management's opinions.

That said, ABT is hopelessly trying to prove that it is relevant and values social relevance over classical ballet. ABT has its own share of dancers with Peter Pan Syndrome who don't want to grow up. Right now they have a lot of time on their hands because they're not working, not looking for work, and are taking handouts from everywhere in order to preserve their privileged life styles. It's really way past time to DEFUND ABT.

My 13 year old ballet dancer saw that ABT/WAP instagram post and said: "Oh, embarrassing." She probably doesn't fully understand the lyrics but knows it's gross.

I see it as just one more 'go woke, go broke' story.

True, Nancy.

To her credit, Shevchenko has not reposted it to her own I-gram account.

ABT's I-gram account is run by corps dancer Connor Holloway who is another infantile Whiteside-wannabe. So now he's gotten himself some attention by behaving like a crass adolescent, and he's happy & satisfied. He's another ABT member who will never rise on the merits of his dancing; so it's likely we will see this throughout his sad little career at ABT.

It's past time to DEFUND ABT. It's also past time to start contacting the dancers' "sponsors" when this kind of thing occurs. What would Holloway's "sponsors" (Susan and Steven Jacobson) say about their boy's choice of applied lyrics? Mr. Jacobson died last year; so, undoubtedly ABT is standing at Mrs. Jacobson's door with its hands out. She should really reconsider her support to ABT in a time when there are bigger, truer needs in the community.

I don't make very much money, but dance is precious to me, so I'm happy to spend what I can to see excellence. ABT used to get a big chunk of what I spent on tickets every year. Over the past few years, that chunk has gotten smaller. I'm starting to think a better use of that money would be purchasing better seats at other companies' shows.

As for Instagram: WAP for CLARA?!? I just watched after seeing Beth's post. It's inappropriate and needs to be taken down. It's not just a matter of taste, but a matter of common sense. The best mashups are not just about what can fit together musically, but what fits together lyrically and thematically. Juxtaposing those lyrics with that character is obscene.

It appears that the offensive I-gram post has been taken down.

Sarah posted this video a few months ago on Facebook of her rehearsing for her first "Swan Lake" performance with Daniil at ABT. (The one where she had two days notice) According to Sarah, they had one rehearsal for the Black Swan sequence. They might not be dancing 100% full out in the video, but it's wonderful to see, and I thought the other Sarah fans who read your blog would enjoy it.


As state in this conversation , Abt will not run out of ideas to make us miss the good old days... ...as Solor say it’s time to move on.... do not forget Tiler at City center today and tomorrow. She had a very scary injure and she was back with Swan Lake.... miracles are possible if you put your energy in the right place!!!! Let’s put our love for dance in better use too and let’s jump on that train/bus and follow Sara wherever she lands!!!!

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