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September 29, 2020


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Thanks for the reminder. Even though I usually don’t care for the Readers Digest approach to ballet, I’ll gladly take what’s offered...and it’s free!

If the Ivesiana is the program where Amar Ramasar & Sara Mearns did that romping section (not sure what it's called), I saw it! Janie and crew were properly spooky.

I enjoyed all of the offerings on this opening night of the digital season. I would have preferred a program where they might have chosen to show all of Liebeslieder Walzer", "Stravinsky Violin Concerto" or "Symphony in C" with the excerpt from "Ivesiana" or ""Episodes"...more like an actual subscription offering. But, as Jeanette said I'll take what's offereed with a big smile. "Tchai Pas" with Tiler and Joaquin was terrific: pristine technique combined with both showing off their innate musicality and winning personalities....and looking totally fresh as daisies when they took their bows....Reinforced why this is my all time favorite Balanchine pas de deux. Looking forward to the next offering.......

The lighting on the Ivesiana segment in the video was terrible. One of the things I remember from the actual performance was how good it was - dark but not too dark. You could see all the choreography. It's tough to strike that balance w/a video, I guess.

I echo Jeannette's aversion to the "Reader's Digest" approach, but I thought that this digital program was outstanding -- very slickly produced and edited. Sometimes I expected to hear announcer Martin Bookspan chime in during pauses. I really hope that NYCB revs up the digital programming to produce some live content. It would certainly be worth paying to see if it were produced with the same quality.

Joaquin De Luz's penultimate performance of Tchaikovsky PdD should be shown at the beginning of every class for men. He never stopped practicing his pirouette/double tour combination during his whole career and never stopped striving for those 5th position landings. Such an inspiration... And so grateful to have this performance of Tiler Peck's preserved on superb video and grateful to see her move the high bar up several notches each time she takes the stage. I don't mean to de-emphasize any of the other performances, all of which were exceptional.

I came here to register my delight about the Tchaikovsky pdd with Tiler & Joaquin...but I see that I’m not alone in my feelings. I also loved how the two Liebeslieder excerpts were filmed (& performed).

Beautiful performance. I had not seen the Episodes piece before and thought it was lovely. Do Teresa Reichlan's legs ever end? Gorgeous

Not that they need it, but I'd like to join the Peck/De Luz Tchai Pas love train. She's my favorite Tchai Pas girl and he's simply phenomenal. Love love love. I think I've watched that 5 times already and I'll probably watch it again while it's still up.
THANK YOU NYCB for a REAL digital fall season. I'm happy to donate and continue attending their performances once things (eventually) get back to normal.

Haglund, a million thanks for this. The Peck/Luz had me crying and cheering at the same time. It's from beyond the beyond--a lift to an altitude we need at this low moment to see from. Bravissimi!!!!!

I'm joining the love train for the Tchai PdD too! I saw this performance live and was thrilled! So to see it again multiple times is just wonderful. Peck and de Luz are two of the greatest. I liked everything on the program. Ivesiana is the only ballet I'd never seen, and I didn't really see it Tuesday night either due to the lighting. I'm inspired to look up what this piece is "about", and whether Balanchine ever commented on it.

for So much fake ballerinas out there.... Joaquin and Tiler are the example of how to be a principal dancer, none is falling, none is trying, none is changing the choreography, instead we have high quality art, they have master the technique, so they trust each other, they can play with the music, with each other, find moments of risk, of stillness, all over the pas de deux. You can tell how happy are each other to dance together. And on their own variations Joaquin is so elegant and even in his last days of dancing he looks like he can still dance for many more years. Tiler is a dream and I agree they bring a big breath of fresh air. This is artistry of Tiler/Joaquin in this difficult times, can not be better example of how we need art more than ever.

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