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October 20, 2020


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Haglund, thanks. I couldn’t help but notice that Amar Ramasar is being given some on-air time, in the Russian Seasons excerpt. A first since the NYCB COVID digital seasons began?

True, this is Amar's first appearance. I think tonight marks the first appearances of Daniel Ulbricht and Russell Janzen, too.

Didn’t Janzen dance the male lead, opposite Mearns, in the film of Diamonds last May? Ulbricht might have been in the film of Peck’s Rotunda, also during the digital spring season...I could swear that I saw him in something...but not Ramasar til now.

By the way, the panda is walking/wobbling. Big early-morning TV news here.

True. I guess I was just thinking about the fall digital season.

Yes! The cub is on all fours -- just not at the same time. His front legs can whirl him around in a circle, and his back legs, while usually in a perfect second position split, can propel him into the hay. Mei Xiang took the cub on a little field trip on Sunday from the den to the entrance of her condo. Those pandas have more real estate and yard space than most millionaire New Yorkers.

Wasn’t it lovely? However, it seems as if we got more complete ballets last spring.

In the meantime, I enjoyed a rare look at “recent ABT” in complete ballets last night, through the July 2029 “ABT at Vail” program consisting of Whiteside’s “New American Romance,” Tharp’s “Sinatra Suite” (Herman Cornejo w/ Luciana Paris!), Petipa’s Don Q pdd (Hurlin/Bell!) and Tudor’s “Lilac Garden” (Teuscher, Stearns, Zhurbin and Schevchenko! Did I say Schevchenko??!!). Beautifully filmed in high-def. I donated a while back for access. I actually loved this more than the earlier, low-definition 2007 Manon.

Oops - I meant to write July 2019 about the ABT Vail film...not 2029!

Wheeldon's Mercurial Manoeuvres PdD was gorgeous - as is the whole ballet - and was the only piece that worked as an excerpt. Pictures at an Exhibition suffered greatly because the scenery was excluded. Once you have to focus on the dancers' choreography without the scenic choreography, it all starts to look arbitrary. I could tolerate only a few seconds of Peck's ballets, particularly when he was dancing in them. I simply cannot believe that he was ever made a soloist.

I've always thought that Wheeldon has the broadest stylistic intelligence of the living choreographers we see on our stages. He's had his bloopers, surely, but the body of work so far has to be admired. I didn't particularly enjoy his PdD which he devised for David Hallberg and Sarah Mearns for NY City Center's Fall for Dance and which premiered last evening. She was able to pull off her insubstantial solo with some style (and looked fabulous in the low bun) but Hallberg honestly seemed like he was aiming for some kind of Boss Baby Brody interpretation. And the pajamas...🙄

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