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November 11, 2020


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Pacific Northwest Ballet Digital Season: https://www.pnb.org/season/?gclid=CjwKCAiAtK79BRAIEiwA4OskBnN7CmTy-ikngp5EK-iHSGcU_LV2YxMcz3pwEZNXfI-7yhP_RqNq3BoCFjgQAvD_BwE

And it looks like the virtual Macy's Parade on Thanksgiving Day is going to have a Sugarplum Fairy from NYCB dancing somewhere in Central Park. Who will it be? What part of the park? And will it be live?

The new vaccine/test requirement that Ticketmaster plans to employ will go far to embolden everyone else to do the same, including Lincoln Center. Sophisticated medical screening databases make it possible to ascertain at the turnstile whether a patron has complied.

There may be some who think that the management of this public health crisis is invading their privacy. It is - and necessarily. Some of these same people may think that the requirement to wear seat belts in an automobile is invasive. Surely, there are still people who will fight for their right to use their cell phone handsets while driving, even if it means they cause a fatal accident. People want to smoke cigarettes where they want to smoke, not where someone else tells them to go. Society will always have to deal with people who place their individual wants above the health and safety of the public. That's one reason we have government. One of the things I'm going to give thanks for during this Thanksgiving is that we have Governor Cuomo leading us through this crisis.

Boston Ballet Virtual Series:

Hi Haglund,
This is the website where I receive notices of dance travel, streaming, movies, etc... particularly in Europe
Sign up for to receive her emails! Could help spread the word and keep our love of dance and the companies alive and funded during the horrible condition of the world.

Here is an additional digital season:
San Diego City Ballet https://cityballet.org/performances/

Looks like it will be Bouder as SPF in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - somewhere in Central Park dancing away. We gotta make a meal out of this hors d'oeuvre, folks.

Hey, it’s Friday in Cairo, meaning...Weekend!

So far, so great with PaBallet’s digital fall. Especially the more traditional of the two works shown so far, Nicolo Fontes’ GHOST STORIES...with one of the most energetic endings to a new ballet in recent memory. Standout in both ballets: Oksana Maslova. What a treasure in Philadelphia! Is there anything that she cannot dance?

And speaking of Ghosts...

Pacific NW Ballet’s 2nd digital season also premiered yesterday...including a drop-dead (no pun intended) gorgeous new full work by Jessica Lang to Schumann piano pieces, GHOST VARIATIONS. Not-to-Be-missed. Worth the fee.

Happy Friday the 13th, Jeannette!

I totally agree that Oksana Maslova was the standout in both dances - neither of which I would term as a ballet because neither was more than about 5% ballet technique. The emphasis on exaggerated flexibility and gyrating the arms arbitrarily with no relationship to what is going on with the legs have become the go-to cliches for today's choreographers. On the other hand, I found the Andrea Miller piece so full of Graham and Kylian that I expected their names to show up in the credits.

There isn't a lot of recently-made "dance" that I really care for. I passionately love ballet and the beauty that is created through the use of its authentic, time-tested vocabulary and discipline, but honestly, I could give most "dance" a pass. And as more and more ballet companies trade the challenges and rigors of ballet for the cliches of popular "dance", the effect is to dumb down ballet. There are bona fide exceptions, such as Preljocaj, Bigonzetti, Pita, but for the most part, I have to give it thumbs down. It's been pretty much of a waste of time and money for ballet to try to rely on non-ballet choreographers to justify its existence in the 21st century.

I agree, Haglund. That’s why this particular new work by Jessica Lang for PNB was such a surprise. To me, a huge improvement over her works for ABT. Gotta tip off my hat to her here.

Well, PaB presents a Helen Pickett creation next week. I very much enjoyed her PETAL, so am keeping fingers crossed for TILT. 🤞

I don't know if you've seen, but today's Google Doodle is in honor of Maria Tallchief.

They made this accompanying video https://youtu.be/AWXvClaRtsI

Thanks much, yukionna. I'm adding it above. Hopefully, Google won't mind.

Given that Boylston and Whiteside have just had costume fittings for Nutcracker, I assume that ABT is planning on filming an excerpt. I would’ve liked Brandt and Hoven.

Skylar seems to be working on Nutcracker with Gabe Stone Shayer.

Good for you, Haglund, BRAVO for two things: You are right on today's"dance" which is acrobatics and showing one's flexibility, while of course being politically correct and " diverse". Blah Blah. Where's the Ballet? I keep saying ballets are classics for a reason, not the garbage being put forth in the effort for " new works"
And TRIPLE BRAVO for encouraging is all to support Pennsylvania in any way we can. To say we owe PA big time is an understatement. Good for you. And for telling us about the few glimpses of ballet available, if only digital.

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