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December 31, 2020


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Happy New Year, Haglund! May you gain everything back in 2021 that you missed in 2020.

Happy New Year, Haglund! I'm staying home and watching a stream of Royal Ballet's "Alice In Wonderland." Perhaps next year we will wake up from our dream of 2020 to find that the virus has been defeated and that the theaters are no longer dark.

Here's a remarkable gala from Toulouse in December:


It rescued me from an unusually bleak mood.

I hope American companies and dancers are paying attention. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but it seems precision and quality of technique in this performance are leaps and bounds beyond anything we're doing.

Dear Haglund all the best for this year and with this new administration. Thanks so much for all the work and love for dance

We just paid $3.41 for a virtual pass to watch Royal Ballet's La Fille with Steven McRae and Natalia Osipova. I wanted to share in case anyone else is looking to watch beautiful ballet over the next few weeks.

I've watched every performance offered by the Royal Ballet, my favorite company. The prices are extremely reasonable. This allows me to enjoy some of my old favorites as well as new works whcih I would otherwise not get to see here in LA. Next up is Raymonda ActIII

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