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December 16, 2020


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For anyone that is interested - there is also an interactive "Twitch" chat (going to have to figure that one out) featuring Kathryn Morgan, Lauren Lovette, Megan Fairchild and Ashley Bouder during a livestream of the Wethersfield Nutcracker on the 20th. https://www.nutcrackeratwethersfield.com/stream

Thanks, Rachel. What an odd thing thing to incorporate into this event. I hope those four confine their comments to intermissions. Don't think folks would want to listen to their color commentary while trying to watch the performance. "I" "I" "I" "I" "I" "Me" "Me" "Me". Jeesh, 'tis not the season to talk about oneself.

Sarah Lane is sublime. Her performance in Flower Festival should be held up against ABT’s The Future Starts Now to act as a neon sign that screams ABT has lost its mind. Why in the world she was let go....there can be no justification. I’m glad I was able to see live performances of Corella, Carreno, Kent, Ananiashvili, Jaffe, etc...and I remember seeing Movado ads featuring dancers from ABT and think how classy, mysterious, alluring they were. None of this overly sexualized, self gratifying art porn that’s being dealt out today like a bunch of free skittles. Such a shame.

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