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December 03, 2020


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Thanks for this, Haglund. I’m looking forward to it.

Buried deep in ABT’s e-newsletter, sent an hour or so ago, is the message that ABT will air the Clara&Prince pdd from Ratmansky’s Nutcracker today at 6pm Eastern...as in 30 minutes from now. No word on who is dancing. No word on whether it could be seen after the initial airing. You’d think they’d make it the headline. (The Four little original films are at the top. Touting that again.) Oh well, this is the link to where it can be seen, at 6pm Eastern....today. https://www.youtube.com/c/AmericanBalletTheatre/videos?disable_polymer=true&itct=CBAQ8JMBGAEiEwjavMDJr7XtAhUS28EKHeo_Cx4%3D

Thanks, Jeannette. I think it's Boylston and Whiteside.

BTW, the cub took his first steps this week. He's already left and returned to the den on his own.

Shevchenko, Aran Bell, Sarah Lane, Joseph Gorak, Daniel Ulbricht, Julian Mackay, Crystal Serrano, Unity Phelan, Calvin Royal, Antonio Douthit-Boyd, Kirven Douthit-Boyd -- all set to appear. We're wondering whether Kimin Kim will, too, since he is tagged in the photo on Shevchenko's website. Also wondering if Melanie might perform.

This Night of Ballet is going to create some excitement -- no doubt about it.

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Julian Mackay posted a short clip of Don Q rehearsal with Christine Shevchenko on his IG. He's apparently in NYC. So at least his appearance has been confirmed

Shevchenko is also dancing the R&J balcony pas with Bell. I’m definitely looking forward to that, but also can’t help but wish that it was Lane getting to dance her dream role...still I’m sure her performance with Ulbricht will be amazing.

Just saw that Lane and Ulbricht are dancing Flower Festival. I’m unfamiliar with the piece, but very excited nonetheless!

Wow - Sarah Lane in Flower Festival pdd? Donation coming...Ca-ching!

Excited about new Bell & Schevchenko partnership, too. I can definitely picture this R&J.

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