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February 16, 2021


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Yes, you're correct about the timing. I've gotten my ticket and it's at 4:45PM 2/27 PST.I did get charged a small International transaction fee on my card. Program looks interesting except for the Harlquinade which I saw in Orange County last year. More was written about the costumes and hats than the choreography, of which there was very little to recommend. There's a good reason it wasn't performed for over 100 years.


I'm so glad to see your comment. I'm having a terrible time locating the actual link in order to purchase the Ballet TV ticket. All links that I click on point to in-person theater seating. Could I ask you to provide the actual link for us?

Thanks much!

You have to create an account and you'll get an e-ticket via your email address. I agree it's a bit confusing.


Thanks much for all the info, Christina!

I just ordered my "ticket". The total charge in USD was $19.52 -- not bad at all.

We all should remember that according to the FAQs on the website, each ticket is for one viewing only during a single session.

Still, it will be exciting to watch some live classical ballet!

Thanks, Haglund. I’ll have to remember to not press the “Start” button until I’m ready to stay the full 120 minutes! Silence the cellphone, too. (Just like the old days in theatres...)

Lol, Jeannette. Don't be opening the noisy plastic wrapper on that sandwich during the performance.

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