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April 22, 2021


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Those new costumes for La Follia Variations sure are colorful and whimsical. A friend who lives in O.C., who attended the Saturday show (the one filmed for the upcoming stream) reported a couple of unusual falls & skids, due to slippery floor. (Yikes!) My friend particularly enjoyed the Swan Lake White pdd danced by Devon Teuscher and Cory Stearns. This number replaced the previously-announced contemporary piece by Jessica Lang. All in all a nice short program. Four brief works performed to canned music, without intermission. They were in & out of the theatre in less than an hour but it was nonetheless good to have experienced some live ballet.

Good to hear - except for the falls & skids. Maybe they'll edit those out.

The light is at the end of the tunnel, but it's a darned long tunnel.

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