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May 17, 2021


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Great news indeed, Haglund!

We know that ABT is scheduled to finish it's Across-America tour at Rockefeller Center on July 21...but the ballets on tap are small-scaled works, so perhaps not warranting rental of the huge Radio City Music Hall. But...wouldn't it be fantastic if Ratmansky's OF LOVE AND RAGE (OLAR) could finally be given its NYC premiere there, some time this summer? OLAR is a mid-size production -- about 30-35 dancers and not-too-elaborate sets -- so it may pass whatever distancing regulations may still be in place...but it calls for a large orchestra to do justice to that extraordinary Khachaturian score. Maybe possible? Are we allowed to dream?

I also see that one of the "star companies" of the COVID-digital seasons -- Pa. Ballet -- will once again dance live performances next month at Red Rose Farm, with three ballets that were hits during recent streams: ALLEGRO BRILLANTE, POLYPHONIA & SUSPENDED IN TIME. Pricey; the two Saturday shows are somewhat more affordable than the Friday opener, which is $1,000 per person.


I wonder if ABT will be performing in the Rockefeller skating rink. Would rather see them inside Radio Music Hall, though. I expect we'll see something on NBC's Today Show as well.

But, you know, just consider this for a second:

Ballet at Madison Square Garden could be fun. Imagine running two casts simultaneously - one at each end with the orchestra in the middle. This could work for an evening of classical excerpts. Totally - with popcorn and beer in the stands. "Beer here, beer here, get your ballet beer here!"

I love the MSG idea! Well, it’s not THAT far of a stretch, as Hurok had to add special mixed-bill shows in MSG during the first Bolshoi (1959) and Kirov (1962) tours to America...after tickets to the original shows at the Met sold out. Maybe even with popcorn & cotton candy?

I’m pretty sure that the July 21 ABT program will be at the outdoor plaza, since the press release mentions a rain date of July 22.

I’d love it if some great ballet company books Radio City Music Hall in early September...right before the big NYCB reopening on Sept 21 (SERENADE, AFTER THE RAIN PDD and SYMPHONY IN C just announced for that...be there or be square!).

Things are looking up!

Sounds like a short evening for NYCB's opening night, but a good one. I wonder if over the past year and a half they found time to restore the Serenade skirts to their former beauty - i.e., remove the pee-colored stripes from the fronts. Symphony in C will send this hungry crowd crazy. I imagine that we will see Maria Kowroski and Ask la Cour in After the Rain. Can't wait!

There’ll be a Livestream of an outdoor performance by NYCB dancers and instrumentalists this Monday, May 24, at 1pm eastern. Details & links here:

Not quite sure what exactly will be danced but the choreography is by Clara Miller. Music by Mozart, Schubert, Gershwin & Dvorak.

It can be seen only at the livestream...no on-demand option will be made available. In-person tickets “sold out” for hospital workers.

So let’s mark our calendars for this Monday at 1pm eastern. Nice lunch break with ballet!

Thanks for the heads-up, Jeannette.

Live classical music, hopefully some ballet, no cost, no need to travel -- fairly risk-free. I look forward to watching it.

Since the performance is intended for the NY/Presby workers, I hope that it is cheery and uplifting. They don't need to be re-depressed, re-saddened, or otherwise made anxious by bad memories evoked through hair-swinging melodrama.

I like that -- hair-swinging melodrama. I can see how I might be able to use it more often.

What a lovely little concert with the gorgeous backdrop of Queens Botanical Garden! Good to see everyone. Can't wait for this summer to be history.

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