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May 27, 2021


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Oh, how sad. My first ballet performance was Fracci and Paolo Bortoluzzi in 1970 in Giselle.

They were otherworldly great. There was a section of 2nd act choreography where Giselle flitted away from Albrecht, with him trying to catch her, which I never saw in subsequent Russian-inspired productions. Fracci was a feather floating in the wind. The effect on the audience was electric - more than any virtuosity I've ever seen.

I always thought that the Italians did Giselle with an incomparable, unique artistry.

Rest in peace.

(The bravas and bravos were out of this world.)

Oh, Haglund, such sad news to wake to this morning. My experience of Fracci as Giselle was at the Met with Nureyev as Albrecht. Never will I forget that night. No sooner had the first act curtain come down than the European tourists sitting behind me started in complaining. How could Nureyev disrespect the great Fracci like that, how could he turn his back on her and storm off the stage before her great death scene was over? I just wanted to scream that it had nothing to do with Nureyev dissing Fracci; it was Albrecht dissing Giselle, because Nureyev was playing Albrecht as the biggest swine who ever lived. (They had complaints about the Peasant Pas also, for what it's worth. Why did the color of their costumes have to be different from those of the other peasants? it made them stick out too much on stage.) Seriously, though, it was a wonderful night of dance, and I'm glad I have the memories still after all these years. RIP the Divine Fracci.

Rest in Peace, Carla Fracci! Another divine dancer floats to heaven. In addition to so many other things, I especially admired her part in restoring (championing/sponsoring) many famous ballets of the past - Romantic, Classical & Diaghilev-era works. She even had a hand in restoring the complete Soviet-era Red Poppy, quite recently. She achieved so much during her directorship of Rome Opera Ballet.

Remember that wonderful “Romantic Era” video of a concert in Mexico, starring four great ballerinas - Alonso, Fracci, Evdokimova & Thesmar? Only Thesmar - Lacotte’s ethereal Sylphide - remains.

Haglund, I'm going to steal your quote: Everything that is necessary, and nothing that is not. She is my all time favorite Giselle and La Sylphide. The one who made me believe every moment she was on stage.

This is sad news.

Fracci made a documentary, called The Ballerinas, on the great dancers and ballets of the classical and romantic eras. There are bits and pieces of it posted on Youtube. She used restored choreography as well. It was so beautiful. I hope it is rereleased on DVD or Blue Ray. I watched the dance pieces from it over and over again.

Sad news indeed. There's a well written obit by Marina Harss in the NYT. I never saw Fracci's Giselle except on You Tube so can only imagine how thrilling it must have been for those who describe it here in the comments. I did see her about 20 years ago in Rome, dancing in the ballet in Aida. The choreographer was French and the piece was a minimal modern dance slightly reminiscent of Nijinsky's Faun. It was an honor to be in her presence.

This just came up in my YT feed. Warning: you may overdose on sheer beauty.


I esp. love the Waltz of the Flowers!

Thanks for the link, Diana.

What a beautiful tribute!

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