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May 31, 2021


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Thank you so much for this heads-up!

"Christine Schevchenko with Don Q fan in hand."

If it's really hot, she can fan her partner. (That sounds a bit like a Trocks spoof.) Or the audience.

I’ll echo Diana’s gratitude for this tip, Haglund.

Which reminds me..

Let’s not forget the *free* L.A. Music Center livestream of pdds by ABT stars next Sunday, June 6, at 10:30 pm eastern US time. This will include the DON Q PDD danced by Schevchenko and Ahn. Link to the L.A. stream:


Thanks much, Jeannette!

It looks like Little Island is a little slow in getting the ticket sales mechanism up and running.

A bit of ABT gossip I just heard from someone that works at the MET.....before covid shut things down, the MET was so fed up with the horrendous attitudes of the ABT staff and management, that if the year had gone as planned, ABt was NOT going to be allowed to rent the MET for their summer season in NYC, going forward. Now of course, everything is up in the air, but I specifically heard how miserable the staff treated MET employees and management. (I am not talking about the dancers, but about ABT staff. I for one, am not surprised to hear this. But, who knows what is now going to happen? The MET might not reopen this season at all, due to difficulties in the contract negotiations with the stage hands and orchestra.

Thanks, suef. But you know, gossip is gossip. It all might be true and it might be conjecture. However, it should be noted that ABT's current executive director arrived directly out of Lincoln Center's executive ranks; so I imagine that she has a good grasp on what it takes to deal with the Met Opera organization -- which may not be particularly easy.

The Met's decision to cut back ABT to five weeks was made a number of years ago. Who would be surprised if they wanted to cut them out completely? Hopefully, we'll see a major upgrade in the next artistic director who will improve ABT's overall classical skill levels which will result in higher audience attendance during the Met season. Higher attendance would certainly improved relations with the Met folks.

When it comes to a new director, we simply cannot stand for more of the same, i.e., Julie Kent, Robert Hill. My fingers are crossed for Bocca, Corella, or Max & Irina to save ABT from itself.

Hey, the $65 + service fee tix (and the $25+fee tix for seniors) are bargains compared to the $200+ pods that Los Angelinos had to pay...and New Yorkers have the option of buying SINGLE tix for Little Island. Sitting in pre-formed (households or friends) pods on the grass was mandatory in L.A.

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