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May 09, 2021


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Loving these photos, full of hope.

Reminder that the film ABT’s recent Costa Mesa program premieres today...as of 1pm eastern. I can’t wait to see the new super-colorful version of Lauren Lovette’s ballet.
Details on how to access the quadruple bill:


I had the pleasure of seeing Skylar debut Odette/Odile down in Boca (my first in-person performance since February 2020). She's going to be a great Odile. Her hard work with Irina and Max definitely paid off!

Jeannette, I'd like to see the newly costumed version of Lovette's ballet, but I don't think it's enough motivation for me to plop down $25. If we were seeing Skylar Brandt's Odette or Odile, as Rachel was so fortunate to see in Florida, that would certainly be a different story. I'm sorry that I didn't hear about that gig until after it was over. I definitely would have purchased a ticket to watch the stream!

Haglund, I watched the ABT-Costa Mesa stream and have mixed feelings. Yes, $25 is a relatively high amount for about 45-46 minutes of dancing. The longest piece - the Moultry - was pop/jazz schmaltz (but with precious looks at fabulous up-and-comers in the corps, such as Betsy McBride and Melvin Lawovi). However, everything was well filmed and looked stunning! The first three pieces are truly classical, including the Lovette.

Wonderful first look at many corps & apprentice dancers. Standouts:

FOLLIA VARIATIONS - Gorgeous apprentice Chloe Messeldine as the featured girl in purple-fuchsia, dancing with always-amazing Jose Sebastian. Wow! Blonde god Jonathan Klein...always sharp Tyler Maloney...on and on...all dancers sizzled in this piece. I may try to catch a performance of the July tour just to see them all. :)

SWAN LAKE WHITE SWAN - Devon and Corey - this show’s lone principals - simply exquisite. They’ve honed this one to perfection! Port de bras to die for. Sigh.

GRAND PAS CLASSIQUE - very well done. We know how exquisite is soloist Catherine Hurlin, here paired with certain superstar of the future Sung Woo Han...who I’ll forever remember as the leader of the Babylonian Army in OF LOVE AND RAGE at the premiere.

Yeah...$25...but, for me, worth the investment.

Now I’m actually looking forward to that “Truck Stop Tour”!

Meant to add - $25 is preferable to the $50 paid by in-house audience members.

Also, I could tell where the “bloopers” were taken out and refilmed...notice the clever editing, e.g., subtle fades just before and after diagonals, during certain parts of Grand-Pas Cl, for ex. I also noticed this during the Moultrie. This is also done in pro figure skating telecasts; falls are refilmed and replaced after the audience leaves the venue.

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