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June 03, 2021


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Vienna Waltzes is balm for the soul, especially after a stream of Wokeness from certain sectors...ahum...I won’t elaborate...enjoying my brunch!

It is a divine performance - Rebecca Krohn, especially.

Last night’s short-but-sweet peek at ABT principals & soloists, at the L.A. Music Center, made me long to see several of the most recently-promoted principals in complete ballets...Schevchenko & Ahn in Don Q...or Tom Forster as Romeo, opposite Hee Seo’s Juliet. All wonderful, actually.

Thanks to the L.A. Center for this free livestream at my 10:30pm on a Sunday night! Worth staying up. I first read about it right here, a month ago, and punched it into my Outlook calendar.

Unfortunately, the stream was a one-off showing, AFAIK.

Thanks, Jeannette. I wonder if these PdDs are what we will see when ABT stops by Little Island at Pier 55 on July 3rd: DQ, R&J, and that bouncing pseudo-Robbins thing that Hurlin and Bell do. Hopefully, the casts won't vary. What a nightmare it would be if...

Sounds like you may be seeing these very pdds at Little Island. Last night’s livestream from L.A. consisted of -

1. Don Q pdd - Schevchenko (amazing balances!)/Ahn

2. Swan Lake White pdd - Teuscher/Stearns ...just as in the Costa Mesa stream

3. R&J balcony pdd - Seo/Forster

4. A Time There Was pdd (Bond, to Britten) - K. Williams/Hoven

5. Let Me Sing Forevermore (Lang, to Tony Bennett) - Hurlin/Bell

Although the actual pdd's were well done, I found the set up and camera work really lacking and very amateur. They kept cutting away from the legs to show close ups of faces, or the view was from above looking down on the dancers heads(4th tier seats?). Occasionally they followed the dancers into the wings so we could see them bent over, trying to get their breath. I was not impressed, but grateful it was free. Hurlin and Bell were outstranding.

Christina, it was obvious that the videographer knew very little about ballet...for example, in the Don Q coda, the camera lingered on Ahn after his first volley of jumps was completed and shifted to Schevchenko well after she had begun her fouettes. Some of the close-ups from the camera in the wings (entrances, diagonals) were truly bizarre, focusing on heads. Still, it was a treat to watch, even at 10:30 - 11:00 at night. 😴 ...and it was FREE!

Royal Ballet doing a Balanchine and Robbins program available on stream June 11: https://stream.roh.org.uk/packages/balanchine-and-robbins/videos/balanchine-and-robbins

Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux
Dances at a Gathering

Thanks, yukionna. The reviews for this program have been great.

I've seen the previous recorded stream of ROH, but it's not clear if this is the same or a new cast. Does anyone know? I want to see Muntagirov as Apollo.The recent production had glowing reviews.

Hi Hagland: I was in attendance at the Saturday night performance at the LA Music of ABT. Chairs were set up in “pods” of four. The stage was in the back. With this arrangement, visibility was very good. There were only about 200 people in attendance. I thought all of the dancers were excellent. You could tell they loved finally being able to perform for a live audience, after all this time. Tom Forster and Hee Seo were lovely in Romeo and Juliet balcony PdD. It made me long for the full length ballet. I was so happy to be there in person.

Thanks so much for the report, MoMo!

Hopefully, R&J will be in the 2022 5-wk Met Season which will be one of the shortest albiet sweetest seasons that we've had in 30 years.

The Australian Ballet will be streaming live performance of Anna Karenina on June 24th from Melbourne. You'll have to figure out the time in your own zone, it's confusing.
Unfortunately New York Dialects was canceled due to covid.

That's the Possokhov production. I'm very interested to see it. I've liked everything of his that I've seen.

It seems that PODS are here to stay.


How about $2,000 for a pod of four at the Joyce, to see a 35-minute solo work with either Sara Mearns or Cassandra Trenary? Cheap individual seats either $500 or $250!

Oh good grief. More whoring out of hungry ballet dancers to promote modern dance that can't promote itself with its own dancers.

The casting for the ROH stream can be found here.

Looks like Matthew Ball will be dancing Apollo for the stream.

Let's hope this performance doesn't get geo-blocked.

I hope not. They have a price for it in USD ($18.50), so I better be able to watch it. I really hope their practice of recording and streaming new performances continues.

Yukionna, I just went through the system test that ROH suggested. They uploaded 3 minutes from a concert performance of Bach's Concerto for Two Violins in D minor for the test. Brilliant -- and boy do I wish Concerto Barocco was danced at that amazing pace. Just imagine. Zip zip zip.


Thanks for the casting info. I've streamed almost all the ROH productions during the pandemic and have had no problems at all. They have their system down pat. I've found the HDMI cable attached to my ipad works best for TV viewing.

"Oh good grief. More whoring out of hungry ballet dancers to promote modern dance that can't promote itself with its own dancers."

Ballet (or in this case, crappy watered down modern dance) returns to its origins as a plaything of the aristocracy, while we peons weep.

Ballet management should be thinking of ways to make ballet more, not less, accessible. Can't all of these moneybags corporations subsidize ticket prices?

It's good that the ROH will be sending email alerts right before the stream starts. So looking forward to Marianela in Tschai Pas.

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend the 21st Century Choreographers, available until June 27 from ROH. Within the Golden Hour was a joy. The pdd with Hirano and Naghdi, breathtaking (I've watched it 4 times). and the surprise was The Statement. Nothing like I've ever seen before, incredibly inventive. Proves one with talent can be up to date and still respect classic ballet.

Thanks, Christina!

Unfortunately the Australian Ballet live and streaming performance of Anna Karenina will be postponed due to covid. It was originally scheduled 6/24.

Oh dear...

It looks like the Royal Ballet will be live streaming its Beauty Mixed Program on July 9th for a modest fee.


I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on that program. It's two new ballets, with the Sleeping Beauty Act III to close.

I can't tell if the "Divertissements" on the program is a new ballet, or if it's a hodge-podge of excerpts.


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