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July 22, 2021


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Haglund, the last time I saw Pillar of Fire I think it was Julie Kent as Hagar. Julie Kent is the dancer I could never recognize on stage because for me she was a complete cipher, the epitome of 'no there there'. Gomes was the standout in that cast. I love Pillar of Fire, but unless the casting speaks to me I'm not buying a ticket, not is this day and age. My memories of Sallie Wilson will have to sustain me.

Giselle is my favorite ballet, but again, unless there is casting that excites me ABT is not getting my money. I do think the State Theater is a much better venue for it than the opera house, so I will probably succumb to one viewing in the end. Who am I kidding, I can't resist Giselle. LOL.

Glad to see Giselle on tap for ABT this fall. While there’s no casting yet, it’s reassuring for some of us to NOT see Fakerina listed among the season’s principals! Sadly, some of the best ABT Giselles of recent memory are no longer with the company but...how about Skylar Brandt?

Biggest WTH item among the mixed bill ballets: ANOTHER TONY BENNETT BY LANG??? Zzzzz. 😴

True, Jeannette -- how did I miss that the Fakerina wasn't listed?! Maybe she's going to exit in the spring season with McKenzie, perhaps? Dueling Farewells with a house full of dry eyes.

Yes to Skylar's Giselle. Saw it in D.C. with Ahn. With six Giselle performances, we could conceivably get two new Giselles. Although she's been pegged as a Myrta, I think Shevchenko could be an awesome Giselle. We haven't seen her fail to succeed brilliantly in any principal role she's tried thus far. And Trenary is due for a shot at Giselle as well. We need a few new Albrechts, too: Hoven, Tamm, Gorak, Klein, Gonzales. They'd all be fabulous, just fabulous.

ABT has got to bring back some better rep. It's great that they are doing Pillar of Fire. We need more Bruch Violin Concerto, Petit Mort, Ballet Imperial, etc.

Elizabeth, I totally agree.

There may be some relationship problem between ABT and the person who controls the rights to Tippet's Bruch Violin Concerto. Maybe when McKenzie finally leaves, the next director will be able to obtain the rights to perform what is unquestionably Tippet's greatest work.

Bruch Violin Concerto, Petit Mort, and Ballet Imperial would make an outstanding triple bill that would sell out every night. What a shame that these ballets are not anywhere in the current rep.

Yes, yes, yes to your triple bill suggestion Haglund. Something there for everyone.....without the cutesy, trendy vanity stuff that's been cropping up during these past few years...ABT was supposedly going to bring "Lilac Garden" back for a mixed bill for the cancelled Spring/Summer Met season this past May/June. Too bad they're seeming to abandon it when the full cast that did it at Vail (Teuscher/Stearns/Shevchenko/Agoudine), are all available.....

Re: A "Giselle" with Ms. Shevchenko as the lead. I recall seeing both still photos as well as a brief video clip of her rehearsing the role at the Mariinsky studios as well as her performing the Act 2 pas de deux at an outside venue in a western USA location. No doubt she's got the technical chops to do it. it would be very interesting to see how she tackles the 'vulnerable peasant girl' aspect of the part when her current rep involves strong, bold characters, save for her Odette which has already shown promise in that 'vulnerable' direction....

If anyone cares to search, you can find video of Clark Tippet's work at an obscure (well, obscure to me, anyway), site called POBA/Where the Arts Live and type in his name. So much promise from him as a choreographer before he sadly passed on. The piece "S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A." is particularly meaningful to me because my dad sang in a barbershop chorus and the live quartet singing in the pit makes me both a bit teary and comforted that he would've loved this piece.....especially considering that he wasn't a ballet fan. Takes me back to when I'd try to convince him dancing in a company was very much worth the time, energy, pain (along with not a much of a salary), that I was expending....the old adage agree to disagree was used a lot at the end of those conversations....but yes, he was proud I followed through with what I was doing....Good times, indeed.....

Beth, thanks so much for the info about the POBA website. Here's the link: https://poba.org/poba_artists/clark-tippet/

Big news:
Even more big changes at ABT. Wasn’t Medoff-Barnett the force behind the “popsification” in the newest ABT rep, such as the Lang/Tony Bennett & Dorrance stuff? If so , good riddance! Fly her to the moon! More pure classicism!

Hopefully, a full cleaning of the house will make way for ABT to get back to ballet and get out of politics.

"Barnett will be leaving to lead social impact marketing and strategy at First Republic Bank and develop the recently established First Republic Foundation."

Sounds like a great fit!

She has been a (presumably) paid spokesperson for First Republic for at least a year. She's shown up in their ads quite a bit.

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