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August 18, 2021


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Totally agree.

I forgot to add:

If Lincoln Center could place adhesive seat number stickers on the backs of the chairs, they could certainly place Must Wear a Mask Regardless stickers on the seat backs as well.

Wow! I’m sorry to hear of this and completely agree with your evaluation! That’s unfortunate but then again I couldn’t see myself at the overcooked Lang piece again.

This is very disappointing to hear. If these “Karen’s” continue to not follow the rules, and prevent me from seeing ballet in the future, my rage will be palpable. Unacceptable.

LOL, Haglund...I know that WSJ critic & he’s my friend!!! That doesn’t make it right though. I bet that he had a mask, took it off & forgot to put it back on.

Sounded like a horrible experience. Were the ballets worth it? Or was it all truly “baaaaad”?

Basically, the whole program amounted to ordinary Street Fair food: funnel cake, chicken kabob, crazy fries, etc. Far from the best of what any of the companies could offer.

By the way, the WSJ critic's mate wasn't wearing a mask either.

Unacceptable! If the policy states the masks are required, then there should have been staff there to enforce their policy. I am so sorry that you had to sit near this idiot.

LC did slightly better starting on Night 2, with staff asking everyone to keep masks on at the entry line at all times except when eating or drinking. They added an announcement before the show started asking people to keep the mask on. Many people had masks on the whole time, others seemed to only put them on when asked to in the pre show announcements. The most challenging time was the half hour before the show started, with people chatting loudly unmasked. This meant I had to stand on the side away from unmasked people until the show almost started, and wave people away who tried to claim my seat.
I hadn’t seen any live dance since Feb 2020 and was happy to be there, despite the added stresses. I returned for Night 4 as I really wanted to see Robbins’ In The Night with Sterling and Roman, Sara and Russell, and Unity and Andrew. They danced beautifully, although it was a problem that the Chopin music is so introspective and people around kept talking. Still, I got to see a bit of City Ballet, I have missed them so.
It started raining right before the last set and I have to hand it to Ailey, their energy was incredible.

Good to hear, Livia.

I don't see why LC couldn't have continued with the "pod" seating concept. It would have been much less stressful for everyone.

I see that NYCB sent out a blast email to subscribers about COVID precautions for the 2021-22 rep season. They will have to do more, though, much more and more frequently. And the communications need to be in "We're not kidding" language.

I don’t know who’s more delusional the anti-vax nuts or the mask people. You can’t have a serious discussion about risk/reward during this pandemic with either group.

I guess we won’t be seeing Haglund at the USO next week. No vaccine or test is required to enter and no masks are required outdoors. I would limit the event to only vaccinated (including no under 12s) but I will not be wearing a mask outdoors in 80-90F heat. I accept the level of risk and so apparently does the NYC Dept of Health.

Well Gene, I caught covid from people who refused to wear masks on the PATH train that goes from NJ to NYC. I almost died, and probably have permanent lung damage from it. So yes, I do feel strongly on this topic. I supposed that make me delusional if I believe that people should be wearing masks. Apparently people's "inconvenience" at having to wear a mask in the heat outdoors is more important than other people's lives. Perhaps you should add yourself to the list of those that one can't have a serious discussion on this topic with?

SueF, I'm so sorry to hear that you caught the virus, and I hope you will eventually be okay.

We're starting to see a return of the flippant attitude toward masks that we saw mostly at the beginning of the pandemic. The "I accept the risk of not wearing a mask" shuns the science that we wear masks to protect other people. It's not just about oneself. To me, sitting shoulder to shoulder with maskless people who are shouting and cheering and spitting their personal pathogens 15 feet in 3 different directions is not a wise risk to take.

Correct. And I'm more concerned now than a year ago because it was more difficult to catch the original virus. There's too much still not known about how the Delta variant spreads.

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