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August 24, 2021


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I wonder why there is not much media coverage on this. It's so shameful.

I guess labor rights aren't woke enough.

Probably right.

I see that the same union (Local 802 AFM) just reached a new deal on behalf of the Met Opera Orchestra. Previously, the opera agreed to pay members of the various unions half-pay or thereabouts during this year's layoff if they would just come back to the negotiating table. Seems like a good way to get something done and that it was designed to promote good will between management and artists.

The Met Opera Orchestra will give two free performances of Mahler's "Resurrection" Symphony in Damrosch Park on September 4th and 5th. They should pipe it everywhere throughout the Lincoln Center campus and out onto W. 62nd St where I'll probably be hanging.

Haglund, as a professional orchestral musician, thank you for the recognition you give to and your support of live music. It's scary out there in my world and your voice is appreciated.

It's my pleasure.

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