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August 09, 2021


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Wow. This is sickening news. Let’s hope that this is sorted out well before September 21’s opener.

I hope so, too!

Just want to add that the Met Opera is really out-trying everyone else.

Single tix for Met Opera went on sale today. NO service fee. A facility fee of only $2.50.

Meanwhile, NYCB is charging an $8 service fee per ticket and a $4 facility fee.


"New York City Ballet has just lost its principal cellist after wriggling out of paying its orchestra during Covid.

Frederick Zlotkin, brother of the conductor Leonard Slatkin, joined the NYCB orchestra on December 21 1971 and functioned for half a century as its heart and soul, two organs that are clearly absent on its miserly board.

We wish Fred, 73, a busy retirement."

Dammit, pay the orchestra!

Artists who won't pay artists--with a contract no less? Disgusting. Morally wrong if not legally wrong.

Appalling! I'm disgusted by this awful ripoff of the NYCB orchestra.
I just forked up a bundle to buy 4 single tix, 2 for a rep performance, 2 for Kowroski farewell. What an absolute shame on NYCB that the Met is treating its audience better than City Ballet.

I don’t understand. If NYCB said they would compensate for 24 weeks, why was an arbitrator brought in? Who requested that? Please explain.

Possibly because NYCB decided not to do what they said they would??

"No, we're not going to pay you."
"Okay, it's off to arbitration."
"Okay. Our lawyers split hairs better than your lawyers."

The big question is the arbitrator's reasoning. It would be nice to be able to read the decision by the arbitrator, but that isn't usually what happens -- unless someone leaks it... (You all have Haglund's email -- it's on the front of this blog.)

Maybe if the NYCB Board would cancel commissions from Woke choreographers, and reprogram those slots with tried-and-true Balanchine & Robbins works not seen in a while, there would be money to pay the orchestra. Just sayin’.

Declare a post-COVID one-year moratorium on new commissions of all sorts (choreography, scores, costumes by fashion elite designers). Did deep into the repertoire.

Great idea!!

Imagine the donations NYCB would get if they eliminated the "donate to support new works" line in their appeals. Every time I read that, my wallet snaps shut by itself.

They should stop the fraudulent claim that "new work is the lifeblood of the company." That was only true during Balanchine's time. The company's "lifeblood" is still his.

Pay the orchestra, dammit!!

There are several choreographers that NYCB could revisit. From memory, Antony Tudor is one. There must be quite a few others.

And can't *anyone* do a Nijinska retrospective? She's a twofer: a woman, and a genius.

Didn’t Ruthanna Boris’ CAKEWALK - with splendid Gottschalk-Hershey Kay score - premiere at NYCB? Would the Woke crowd allow it? It presents a minstrel show but, if blackface were removed, would anything offensive remain? Not at all. I just watched my recording of that fabulous ballet as shown on PBS (“Joffrey Live from Art Park”)...that final quick strut by all across the stage has the audience yelling for more.

p.s. - Ruthanna Boris was a woman. Ding! Ding! Ding!

The Wokephiles would undoubtedly implode in hysterical indignation if CAKEWALK was ever presented -- even if the dancers were costumed in their favorite underpants with electric blue wigs.

Pay the orchestra, dammit!!

Haglund anticipated my comment - Cakewalk is definitely not on the approved list.

But yes, it was indeed premiered at NYCB.


Cho re:

*Pay the orchestra, dammit!*

Aw...I’ll just hold on to my Joffrey Cakewalk DVD...and do the high-kickin’ strut across my living room!


One of the commenters ("Sir David Geffen-Hall, LOL), wrote:

"The union can grab the funds through the courts and bankrupt the organization."

True or hot air?

Obviously I think it would be awful for NYCB to be bankrupted but (all together now)


I don't know if it's true that the union could grab funds. There are limited avenues of appeal. Whether the union will go forward with them is anyone's guess. But the orchestra could certainly jeopardize the fall season.

NYCB's attitude seems to be "It's nothing personal, Sonny. It's just business." Maybe that should be printed on the picket signs.

Pay the orchestra, dammit!

A little late here as I'm catching up on critique sites but this is for Jeanette from up the thread a bit RE: "Cakewalk"/Joffrey Ballet at Artpark.

I was at that performance and it was one of the best shows that was ever put on at that venue. It started a bit later than usual because of the PBS/Dance in America/Live from..... aspect and it was also a very warm, humid night. Not sure how soon the broadcast faded on tv screens but the audience brought the cast out for 13 curtain calls.....the company was probably wanting us to stop so they could get back to their hotel....sigh....good times.....

I’m late to this thread but want to join the chorus to *Pay The Orchestra, Dammit!*
This is the company that says everything follows on the music, see the music hear the dance… and it appears the musicians are getting stiffed with an about-face on a prior agreement??!

I’m second guessing my decision to buy City Ballet tickets for Fall season… it’s true the fees were a lot. Originally I was just going to get one for Maria’s farewell but I ended up spending a bundle. Sure hope there is an orchestra, it’s not the same without. Didn’t know the Met Opera was being so reasonable with service fees, will look into it. Thanks Haglund!

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