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September 05, 2021


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Agreed - it was a rousing performance. However, I would note that the line turned onto Columbus Avenue, not 9th Avenue (which starts a few blocks south) - any denizen of Lincoln Center should know that! Also, I'm not sure those were police helicopters - the annoying ones that hover over Central Park are usually tourist runs that begin in New Jersey and that I doubt Lincoln Center would have had any control over, unless someone knows otherwise. Interestingly, there were a fair number of empty seats, so there probably would have been enough room for everyone.

Lol, too many extra syllables. Next you're gonna tell me that 10th is really Am-ster-dam at 59th, and 6th is really Avenue of the Pretentious, oops I mean, Americas.

Terrific performance and grateful crowd again last night. I saw the empty seats and wondered why the seating wasn't managed more efficiently. Since the 1000 seats in the back half of Damrosch Park were unreserved, LC could have started seating people in the standby line much earlier and limited them to those seats.

Hopefully the LC venues will get the screening logistics ironed out in the next couple of weeks. They could have several "express" lines for people with the Excelsior Pass or Clear Pass and other lines for the cardboard crowd. And get all the screening (including the requisite sniff from the police dog) done out on the plaza away from the front doors so there's no clog.

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