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September 23, 2021


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Thanks, Haglund. As mentioned previously, I was also among the lucky ones at the opening on the 21st and had the happiest time in 18 months!

Agree with all you write but am chuckling loudest at your assessment of Tyler “Mr. Clean” Angle...but not just due to his clean partnering in Bizet/1st mvmt, as you wrote. Heck, he’s now the spitting image of Mr. Clean of the TV ads of my childhood:


Also, I spotted all of the glorious corps dancers who you mentioned but also Mira Nadon in both of the Balanchines. She danced as a woman possessed - one with the music.

NYCB's Mr. Clean is a handsome guy, with or without hair.

ITA about Mira Nadon. I'm looking forward to seeing how her Momentum & Movements develops this season.

Thursday night's Serenade was exquisitely beautiful, the Pulcinella was a complete bore except for Huxley's variation, and Glass Pieces was a mixed bag. Unity Phelan & Amar Ramasar were stunning in GP, the soloist pairs were serviceable, the men's corps was a mess. I don't know what's going on with the men's hair, but it needs attention. Sam Melnikov has this huge combed-back blob that curls at the back and simply looks ridiculous on his smallish head & narrow frame -- and it was clear that it was affecting his dancing as he tried to avoid having it come apart. Two years ago Melnikov was such an interesting find for us, but now oy...

It really seems like the men's corps has come back below par and several levels below the women, including the new additions of corps and apprentice dancers. The ladies in GP were superb.

Friday night was the first show I saw this season. It feels like a dream to be back in the audience of a theater.

I didn't get to go to a lot of shows in the 2019-2020 season, so there are a couple of new faces in the company for me. You're unfortunately right about the men's corps. It seemed like there was always at least one person that was glaringly out of sync. Brava to the ladies, though.

The audience was quite generous with a standing ovation after the third ballet. I don't remember that happening frequently at City Ballet audiences, but I was more than happy to stand and cheer.

Would you please briefly describe how they did this:
the ushers deserve our appreciation for their vigilance and no-nonsense enforcement of the mask-wearing rule
I'm very curious how this can work effectively
Thank you

Yes, nymusician -- I have been in both the 3rd and 2nd rings where the ushers double-teamed up to address anyone who didn't keep on his mask. This afternoon an elderly lady in the front row of the orchestra got the yellow card for allowing her mask to slip under her nose. Obviously, the ushers have been to assertiveness training since last we all met. Also, there are uniformed guards--big guys--throughout the place to help with compliance.

Maybe they could hire the ushers to work on the subways when they're not in the theater!

Thank you.
I hope ushers in every performing arts venue can be this effective.
It was encouraging to see how properly masked the Tony audience appeared on tv tonight, showing it can be done.

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