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October 01, 2021


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I'm not surprised about the new works. I'm debating whether it's worth it to slog through them to get to Western Symphony.

I've been hoping to hear your thoughts on Chun Wai Chan is fitting in at NYCB. His absence was very felt on the Houston Ballet side of things on opening night. It would be interesting to hear how he is adapting to the NYCB rep.

Hi, Steph.

I'll get to Chun Wai Chan in due course. Thus far he has been a commanding standout in everything he has danced. A very powerful presence -- the viewer knows immediately when Chan has hit the stage. I vividly recall his noble demeanor and depth of drama as Siegfried when I flew down to Houston to see Yuriko's Swan Lake. He's blessed with a strong, square jawline that makes the viewer immediately pay attention to whatever he is doing. I hope to see him paired up with someone like Phelan or LaFreniere (if he's tall enough) rather than getting assigned to a big principal lady simply because he is strong. NYCB could promote him to principal tomorrow, and not many would grumble. NY thanks Houston for this fine artist.

BTW, do you expect to see Yuriko in anything this season?

I'm hopeful to see Yuriko. No announcements with her yet, but fingers crossed some come our way. We are season ticket holders almost exclusively for her, Natalie Varnum, and Karina Gonzales Edwards.

Unity and Roman promoted to principal and soloist, respectively!

Thanks, Rachel!

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