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September 10, 2021


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Haglund, do you know if the NYCB Orchestra issue was solved?

I haven't heard or read anything. Quiet could be a good sign, though. I don't think that the orchestra has gone on strike in more than 20 years. Back then, I believe most people were behind management which was trying to restore the quality of the music by insisting that the musicians show up for rehearsals. Now however, I think most people would fall in behind the musicians. Here's hoping that the new board chair gets it right.

Pay the orchestra, dammit!

Orchestra member here: Negotiations between the orchestra and management are currently underway. The orchestra has decided to show good faith and perform without a completed new contract in order to avoid disrupting the work put in by so many others.

Thank you so much for the update on the negotiations and thanks much to the orchestra for showing good faith in the progress of these negotiations by agreeing to perform without a contract.

We will be cheering you loudly tomorrow night!

Pay the orchestra, dammit!

Where is Jared Angle? Hope all is well…

We haven't heard what Jared is up to. We'll just have to wait and see.

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