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September 19, 2021


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The good news (if you can call it that) is that the bathrooms will be open, with the expectation that they will be utilized prior to the performance.

Hopefully there will be plenty of signs that say "No Intermission" so that people will check themselves before going to their seats.

We got a note from an orchestra member in the post below this one indicating that negotiations with management are ongoing. In order to show good faith, the orchestra has agreed to perform without a contract.

Pay the orchestra, dammit!

Very much enjoyed NYCB last night. Joseph Gordon took the cake, IMO, leading the 1st mvmt of the Bizet, although there was much to admire & celebrate last night. I could even overlook the corps’ raggedy moments...who cared?

How about Tiler Angle and his Kojak shaved head?

Wasn’t the crowd goofy-delirious? Back after 18 months!

What a fun night. I'll write more about it after I see tonight's program.

Apologies for the unexpected rain at 9:30pm. Hope you didn't get drenched like I did on the walk home.

No umbrella packed but I was singin’ in the rain! Took the late-night Amtrak back to DC. Worth it all for having been there.

How functional is the Excelsior pass? I have the app on my phone but getting to it depends on having a live internet connection. So, I screenshotted the QR code (or whatever that black square is called) but they may not accept a screenshot. You can print it out but that's a problem too, due to forgeries.

If you can tell us how that worked for you it would be much appreciated.

H, Cant wait for your review(s)!
I got tix for Sat night!
I’ve been hyperventilating ever since.
And even my mask doesnt help that!

The QR code should still scan even if it's a screenshot. If you have an Apple iPhone you should be able to add it to your "Apple Wallet" which should make it accessible even without an internet connection.

Thanks, yukionna. There is apparently also a wallet app for android phones which can be used to store the Excelsior Pass.

I have the Excelsior app for Android.

I downloaded it, logged in, went through the usual verification procedures, etc., and now I think I'm good to go but I'll have to double-check when I'm not online. In any case one can always connect while at NYCB through Lincoln Center.

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