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October 22, 2021


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I'm so happy for everyone who saw this performance. I have vicarious thrills from reading your wonderful review. How I wish ABT recorded this performance and offered it as a stream later on. Many of us would gladly pay to see it.

Thank you, Haglund, for your beautiful review. I couldn't agree with you more. I've known Skylar since she was a little girl and have followed her progression ever since 2003.

Last night was transformative. I think that Skylar is truly America's prima ballerina. A national treasure!

Couldn’t wait to read your thoughts! I flew from Las Vegas just to see her. And you are so right. Every turn of her head and expressive gorgeous face and eyes slayed me in act I. Act II was exquisitely elegant and I think she and Herman were perfection together.

I agree that Skylar and Herman were perfect together. She's like a gift to him in the twilight of his career.

Totally agree that Skylar was astonishing. I audibly gasped during Act 2 overhead lift -- it literally looked as if she was going to float out of his arms. A masterful illusion courtesy of Herman's upper body strength -- and the fact that Skylar likely weighs 12 pounds.

You don't need 93 floors to reach those heights.

True, true, true. lol

So sorry I missed this performance. Thank you Haglund and others for letting me be part of it.

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