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October 31, 2021


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Thank you, Haglund, for your coverage of ABT's fall season which I longed to attend but could not. Wonderful to read about Skylar's thrilling Giselle and Shevchenko's and Bell's triumphs in that ballet. Bell's first Romeo a few years ago was a statement of arrival, and Shevchenko's Gamzatti told me she was capable of anything and everything--as her "Swan Lake" a little later proved. ¶I hope these performances are to be repeated in the spring. From your descriptions of them, they give me hope that there still exists the possibility of a future when the arts (mired these days in the material and base) are appreciated for what they are meant to do: Lofting consciousness into divine realms.

Haglund, thank you for your reviews. I am so happy for ABT’s successful Fall Season. I will be seeing ABT’s Nutcracker in December with Christine Shevshenko and Thomas Forster in the leads. I can’t wait , as it has been two, long years since I have seen ballet in a theater. It seems like centuries.

Kudos to Amanda McKerrow and John Gardner for their work in staging "Pillar."

Momo, that should be quite a Nutcracker. Please send us a report!

Haglund, I saw the matinee with Trenary and enjoyed her performance more than you did (or maybe it was because I was just so happy to be able to see live ballet again!) but the whole time I was so missing not being able to see Sarah Lane as Giselle. By the way, I stumbled across this interview with her where she talks about leaving ABT.


Susan, thanks for the link. Despite the major errors, I also enjoyed much of Trenary's performance although my heart blew a valve when she blew the hops on pointe. A Giselle debut is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of preparation. It was probably too much to have Trenary preparing Giselle while also rehearsing other ballets of less importance which could have been danced by anyone else during this very short fall season.

Totally agree with your points about Trenary's performance, Haglund, especially about the blown hops on pointe!

I too was there for many of the performances of Giselle, and although back on the west coast until Nutcracker season (in a few short weeks, yay!) I must say I enjoyed seeing ABT after the long awaited return.

The Trenary/Royal performance was not average at all in my opinion. It was quite moving, and deserves a bit more credit than what you’ve so rigidly laid out Haglund. Your words on first read felt like a little bit of an attack, but I digress. Free speech.

I enjoyed seeing their interpretation. It was something different from what we old balletomanes are conditioned to seeing. For myself and many seat mates near by, we weren’t told we’d need our tissues for a Saturday afternoon at the ballet! We witnessed new life being given to this “tale as old as time” story and roles within it. Something fresh. Something I felt like I could connect to and believe in. And to see a black male ballet dancer with a white ballerina in a story like this on the ABT stage after the undeniable tension America has witnessed over the past year+ (and still is..) was incredibly powerful to say the least. I know many would agree, that there’s so much to look forward to of these artists as they will keep growing into even more of their well deserved roles.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed their performance.

Julio Bocca , is in Instagram giving classes @ ABTJKO School and having drinks with former colleagues. Is it possible he is auditioning for Artistic Directorship of ABT? Just wondering.

Hi, Jose. Happy Holidays to you!

Well, this Bocca sighting makes my heart sing. Wouldn't that be wonderful?!!

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