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October 11, 2021


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Interestingly, your automotive metaphors missed the first thing that goes when you leave a car dormant: the battery. But it will usually come to life with a sufficient charge.

Hi Haglund: Has the orchestra been paid yet? Or are the still performing “in good faith”?

Wow. It sounds as if Kourlas is deliberately trying to infect NYC Ballet with the ABT Fakerina virus. Let's hope the NYCB leadership has the strength to resist this. As you've previously stated, the recent promotions indicate that NYCB is a company where continued excellence is rewarded, unlike their colleagues at the weak, badly damaged ABT. This year I'm boycotting ABT and buying tix only at NYCB, where it seems management's judgment, at least when it comes to the dancers, can still be trusted.

Solor, thank you. The battery totally slipped my mind.

MoMo, I understand that the musicians are being paid while they are still negotiating about back pay and their next contract. It would seem risky for the company not to get these matters settled before they could impact Nutcracker revenues. It appears that the public is behind the orchestra. At performances they have been getting an ovation equal to or greater than that given to the dancers.

LLF, we can only hope that 2022 will be a year of big changes that are also good changes for ABT.

With regard to ABT: there have been some really good promotions in the last year or so and I suspect that the upcoming week of "Giselles" is going to have some outstanding performances.

Looking forward to Shevchenko's debut. She's been working with Dvorovenko. Brandt, of course. Trenary may be naturally brilliant in the role; excited to finally meet her Giselle.

Bradley admits in the NY Times article that during the hiatus, "When it became clear that the company wouldn’t be performing anytime soon, she stopped dancing completely."

What on earth is up with that?? Dancers gave master classes, took college courses, had babies. But they all worked their asses off to maintain a minimal standard of fitness as best they could.

India Bradley? Modeled for Victoria's Secret. Speaks for itself.

Make no mistake, her complaints are thinly-veiled charges of racism, and there's nothing worse in modern America than being tarred with the scarlet letter "R."

She's locker room poison. But she's there. And her IG account shows that other dancers gush over her. I think they know the score. Gush or be canceled.

Judging from what we've seen on stage this fall, there were a few dancers who were not successful in maintaining fitness over the closedown. These included dancers in principal, soloist, demi-soloist, and corps roles; we were somewhat surprised that they got to go back on stage. We've not mentioned them because, obviously, it's going to take some time for everyone to get back to normal. But it is remarkable that the women who had babies managed to come back in top dancing condition -- in much better condition than many whose bodies did not go through that huge challenge. Megan Fairchild, Teresa Reichlen, and Ashley Laracey are dancing as though they never missed a beat over the 18 month shutdown.

On Maria’s retirement from City Ballet. There are some lovely quotes in there from colleagues.


I saw her last Agon on Thursday this week. The audience wouldn’t stop cheering after her pas de deux with Amar, until the other dancers came out to continue the piece.

I’m already crying and it isn’t even Sunday 🥲

I was there last night, too. It was the ballet equivalent of a mic drop. Nothing left to say after that. Nothing.

Has the orchestra been paid yet? Or are the still performing “in good faith”?

The last I heard, which was a month or so ago, negotiations were continuing with regard to pandemic payments and a new contract. The orchestra was paid during the fall season, however. It would be foolish for NYCB management to allow this dispute to impact Nutcracker which begins in 25 days. But we'll have to simply wait and see what they do.

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