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October 07, 2021


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I'd add Indiana Woodward to your list - for me she is next woman in line for promotion to principal after Unity Phelan, whom most fans would agree was an expected principal announcement. Congratulations to Phelan and Mejia, well-deserved. It does seem odd to announce only two promotions. Maybe NYCB has so many promotions they need to make soon that they want to dribble them out? Keep people guessing, maximize attention?

Yep, you're right!!!!

Yet an article in the New York Times online tonight that does include Indiana Woodward as being promoted to Principal! There must have been a delay in announcing her promotion. Perhaps elfantgirl is on to something!

Oh, hurray! It's wonderful to hear that, thanks for the news update, Georgiann.

The one that puzzles me is Megan Lecrone…
She was amazing opening night, she does so many principle roles already. Something odd there…

ITA that Megan was truly lovely on opening night. But as Bruce Springsteen once remarked about how a singer in a group takes the lead, "That walk to the front of the stage is complicated."

It's not about having a fabulous performance on a given night. It's about having them seven times per week over a corps career regardless of the importance of the role and then demonstrating increasing excellence in soloist & principal roles along with a whole mixed bag of elements we as audience members never observe.

Excellence seems to have factored a great deal into the AD's recent promotion decisions for which we should be extremely grateful.

I am saddened to hear about Lauren King's retirement.

As am I. Terribly.

"Excellence seems to have factored a great deal into the AD's recent promotion decisions for which we should be extremely grateful."

Yes! And I hope we can get that at ABT under new leadership.

🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

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